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The Top 5 Cities To Build Your Nerium Business

Nerium Business
Top 5 Cities To Build Nerium

Interested in learning where to build your Nerium business?

About 10 years ago, I used to write for a media company called Know More Media on a blog called Multileveler.  Know More Media and Multileveler no longer exist today. But while looking over the Internet archive the other day and I found a pretty cool regular column.  The column listed the hottest places to build your particular Network Marketing company.

So in honor of Multileveler, I am bringing it back here on the MLM Blog.

The top 5 cities to build your Nerium business:


Internet Opportunities With Nerium

Louisville, Memphis, San Diego and Nashville and Montgomery are currently the best locations in the United States to build Nerium.  I find it interesting that (with the exception of San Diego), these aren’t what I would consider big cities.  I bet if you dig deeper you might find one leader in each of these markets that is really the driving force.

There is a really cool opportunity to take advantage of this type of search traffic as an associate, representative or brand partner.  A simple blog or social media profile with Nerium and Memphis mentioned might go a long way in search rankings. A Facebook fan page might be a great option for a local brand partner to gain local search engine traffic.

Nerium is an anti-aging Network Marketing company founded in 2011 by Jeff Olson.  Olson is also the author of the best-selling book,  ‘Slight Edge’.

If you want to take over your market, you might like my most recent ebook, 17 Facebook Post Ideas For Network Marketers, it’s free.


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