I have been using Google Adwords as a way to bring fresh talent into my
business since 2003. But the learning curve that I went through was
VERY EXPENSIVE.  I could take you into my Google back office right now
and show you past campaigns that cost me thousands of dollars but
produced nothing.

Today I am very good with Google Adwords, in fact, I charge $200 per hour for Google Adwords consulting.

My Google consulting is super busy and I am booked out several weeks in
advance, but you don’t have to wait for me (or pay me $200 per hour) to
learn the insider secrets into Google Adwords. 

Perry Marshall is an absolute genius when it comes to Google Adwords
and he has a 5 day email course that will help you overcome the
learning curve. I wish this free course was available in 2003, I could
have saved a lot of money and time.

You can sign up for Perry Marshall’s 5 Days To Success with Google
Adwords by clicking here