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WordPress For Internet & Network Marketers

WordPress For Internet & Network Marketers

The Truth About Blogging

Let me start by saying that I love MLSP, Empower Network and Elite Marketing Pro. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

And if I was going to passively blog every once in awhile about my business, these platforms are perfectly fine, in fact they are a great service to the industry!

However, if you are serious about marketing your business online and you are using a blog platform that you do not own, you need to watch this video.

The Truth About Your Blog

I know the video is harsh, but if you want to build a real business online, you must host your own blog.

Here is a link to the Internet Marketing Blog Theme.


Ty Tribble having fun on Periscope

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Empower Network vs MLM Blog Theme Review

Empower Network vs MLM Blog Theme Review

Before I dig into my comparison of MLM Blog Theme vs. Empower Network, I want to make sure something is very clear:

I love David Wood and I love the concept behind Empower Network.  In fact, I am a big fan of just about everything “David Wood”, including his hippie hair. = )

For those if you who are wondering, Empower Network offers a blogging platform built on WordPress Multi-User (MU).  With Empower Network, you get your own blog address on the Empower Network.  This blog is branded to David Wood and Empower Network and for many people this is a great way to get started blogging!

The idea of using Dave’s brand as a way to reach out to people and create leads is a good one.  I used this very same strategy with Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard when they launched their attraction marketing systems a few years ago.

The Empower Network system runs $25 per month, a fair price for the attraction marketing system and blogging platform.

How is Empower Network’s blogging platform different than MLM Blog Theme?

MLM Blog Theme is not a platform, it is a theme or “design” that is built for the WordPress platform.  

Let me explain…think about WordPress as if it was a house.  So WordPress MU (the platform for Empower Network) would be like a community of houses all with the same design.

A WordPress Theme could be described as your home decor.  The colors, design and decorations that you put up in your house to make to your own.

MLM Blog Theme is a design that is meant for you to customize (in a very simple, fill in the blank for dummies sort of way) so that the blog is your own “online home”, your own piece of real estate online that you actually own.


Empower Network Blog Platform – $25 per month

MLM Blog Theme – One time $97 for unlimited personal blogs and you will need to get your own hosting for about $5 per month. MLM Blog Theme’s one time license fee comes with all future updates included in the price.

Here is a video that will give you a tour inside of MLM Blog Theme:

If the purpose of your blog is to “brand you” and carve out your own piece of real estate on the Internet, then MLM Blog Theme is probably the best option for you.

If you already have a good following and you don’t mind branding Empower Network and David in order to create leads, then Empower Network is probably a good option for you.

Option 3 which is the one I would suggest is to build out your own blog with MLM Blog Theme and then offer the Empower Network as a promo through your site.  The great thing about having your own blog is that you can promote whatever you like and you are not tied in to any one system.

Empower Network is certainly hot right now, but these systems tend to have a lifespan.  Promoting yourself will last a lifetime.  Although I believe that David Wood is smart enough to keep things fresh and change when needed.

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Jackie Ulmer Launches All Things Social Online

Jackie Ulmer Launches All Things Social Online

All Things Social Online, a social media marketing agency, launches today as two women, both highly successful in global marketing, combine forces to provide help for small businesses who want to make the most of all the opportunities offered online.

Leslie Saint McLellan and Jackie Ulmer have spent the last 20+ years in marketing. McLellan as Director of Marketing and Tourism for Lake Arrowhead, CA and Ulmer as a popular Direct Sales trainer and coach. As both were doing more and more small business consulting around the world, and together as friends comparing notes, All Things Social Online was born.

All Things Social Online’s job is to “create an incredible online presence for companies,” says McLellan. “We make it so people can easily find a business online without even knowing their name.”

“We pull all of a business’s online information together, provide intense SEO for what is currently being done, fill in any gaps such as backlinks and directory listings, and enhance your presence with things like video, blogging and article marketing,” adds Ulmer. “It’s fun, it’s exciting to watch businesses go from nowhere to the front page of Google for specific keywords and know we helped make that possible.”

Check out the new MLM Blog Page on Facebook. And don’t forget to click “Like” when you get there…first 1000 fans have a chance to win free advertising on the MLM Blog!

Daily MLM Book Recommendation: The Zen of MLM

– Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent –

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7 Resources For Highly Effective MLM Bloggers

7 Resources For Highly Effective MLM Bloggers

Okay…honestly, there’s more than 7 resources I use on a daily basis here at the MLM Blog. I used the 7 in the title because I was reading about the power of 7 in list posts over at Copyblogger this morning. Copyblogger is a great resource!

Here’s 7 resources for highly effective MLM bloggers I use on a daily basis here at MLM Blog -  for inspiration, research and promotion.

#1 Google

Sure, Google is great for search and allows you to find anything you want in an instant. This morning I was looking for a laugh and found this: We Dare You Not to Laugh at 31 Foods With Misspelled Names. I laughed. LMAO. But Google’s not just a search engine.

Google and the various tools they provide are invaluable for bloggers. Google Alerts is one tool I use everday. Google Alerts allows you to monitor the Web for content based on keywords and emails you the results. I have Google Alerts set up to notify me when 100s of different MLM companies are mentioned. But be careful – Google alerts can fill up an inbox pretty quick. I use a separate email account like and go through them once every day or two.

Another great Google tool is Google Reader. Google Reader allows you an aggregated view of all the RSS feeds you subscribe to in one location. Great time saver.

Still another great Google tool is Google Insights. With Google Insights you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties. Great for research!

2. Compete & Quantcast

Another great tool for research is Quantcast. Also an essential tool if you are doing any paid advertising to promote your blog. Another great research tool along the same lines is Compete.

3. TweetDeck (or HootSuite)

You definitely need a tool like TweetDeck or HootSuite if you’re going to leverage Twitter to promote your blog. We use Twitter to promote the MLM Blog everyday. You can also use a service like TwitterFeed to set up automatic tweets when you update your blog. TwitterFeed will even update your Facebook page as well.

4. Coffee (or Tea)

I just find blogging is more fun with a nice warm beverage.

5. Facebook

Get a Facebook Fan Page set up to promote your blog. Do it now. Let us know if you need some help.

6. Books

Books are a great inspiration for posts and especially Blog post Titles. I’m a book lover – over 10,000 books in and around my home office – and just gazing around now I can see multiple book titles that I could spin into colorful blog posts: The Way Things Work, Let Sleeping Vets Lie, Misadventures of a Fly Fisherman, The Human Factor. Reading anything and everything I can get my hands on is a constant inspiration for blog posts.

7. OPB

OPB stands for Other People’s Blogs. The best way to improve as a blogger is read other people’s blogs. For example, this post was inspired by John Paul Aguiar’s Money Dummy blog and his post entitled Blogging Tools That Successful Bloggers Use Daily.

Don’t forget to check out the new MLM Blog Page on Facebook and “Like” us to win $500 advertising dollars here on the MLM Blog.

– Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent –

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What is the Best Traffic Source for Generating MLM Leads?

What is the Best Traffic Source for Generating MLM Leads?

Just a quick post to ask What is the Best Traffic Source for Generating MLM Leads? Is it Google? Facebook? Twitter? Your Blog? Bing?

Head over to this link and answer the MLM Blog poll and let us know.

– Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent –

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99% Is 100% Jay Kubassek

99% Is 100% Jay Kubassek


Jay Kubassek – Founder of Carbon Copy Pro – is coming out with a new book entitled 99%. Check it out. Let us know what you think…

Farm-hand. Midas Muffler Salesman. Internet Guru. Off-Road Racer. Indie Film Producer. Philanthropist. Father.

99% is the inspiring and thought provoking story of 32 year old multi-millionaire Jay Kubassek. The Canadian-born entrepreneur has been ripping his way to the top aboard a wave of perseverance, action and most importantly, self-reliance. Whether it’s running his multi million dollar Internet Marketing company, endurance racing through the Baja peninsula, or producing award winning Independent Films; Jay’s methodology is simple, homemade, and entirely unique.

99% is for cut knuckled scrappy folks who refuse to accept the cards they are dealt. For “do-it-yourselfers” who make their own rules, create their own luck, and control their own circumstances. Learn how a 9th grade educated farm boy from rural Canada creates success for himself and others with each swing. Regardless of age, gender, education, financial well being or opportunity, 99% will introduce you to a mind-map for success; unlike anything you have ever seen.

Buy 99% at Barnes and Noble.

– Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent –

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Ty Tribble Interview: Attractive vs. Boring Marketers

Ty Tribble Interview: Attractive vs. Boring Marketers

 I did an interview a couple of weeks ago for an upcoming book called Attraction Marketing and Networking Professionals. You can check it out here:

Ty Tribble Interview

Here’s a short snip:

I think attractive networkers provide people with great value whether or not they choose to be in business with them or not. They are looked upon as a resource. It’s interesting to me: I’ve got an annoying networker that just drives me batty. He absolutely provides no value to anyone. Every single pitch he makes is, “Get in now, retire, sign up today. Get rich.” And I am like, “Really? Do people really fall for that? This is your whole, entire pitch?” And I get an email, almost once a week, pitching his deal. He provides no value whatsoever to people who don’t decide to get into his deal, and then who knows what he is providing in terms of value to people who are already in his deal. His whole attitude – “Get in and retire” – I mean… it’s just annoying as hell.

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Monavie Distributor Selling T-Shirts on Ebay

Monavie Distributor Selling T-Shirts on Ebay

Check this out at Ebay. It’s a Liquid Google T-shirt offered by a Monavie Distributor. I’d grab one quick before Google shuts them down for copyright infringement. It probably breaks a few Monavie rules as well.  Here’s the description of the product:

This shirt catches so many eyes it’s incredible! The Liquid Google shirt implies that Mona Vie is the "New Google!" If 12 years ago the founders Google approached you and said to you, "we have a technology that’s going to change the world" and asked if you would like to be an investor, would you say yes or no to their opportunity? Most people probably brushed them off and I bet they regret that every time they go online!!. Well Mona Vie is Liquid Google, and people are still oblivious to this great product and business opportunity. This shirt is for the distributor who feels they have the best product for the world! Shirt has the Pulse Bottle, the new Mmun Bottle, Active Bottle and the Emv can. If you are into branding yourself, this is the perfect shirt to wear. People will ask you the meaning of it which is a perfect conversation starter to introduce them to the business. Mens shirt is 100% cotton and womens shirt is a spandex cotton that fits your body. PLEASE INDICATE IF YOU WOULD LIKE A WOMENS OR MENS SHIRT or "both" and also DON’T FORGET TO indicate the sizes you would like. The womens shirt come in V-neck, so be sure to indicate specifically which womens shirt you would like. We also have the Vneck with stones on it which is really beautiful. Type Mona Vie Liquid Google and you will see it. Both Mens and Womens shirts come in sizes small-2XL. PLEASE BE SURE TO NOTE ON THE PAYPAL FORM YOUR SIZE OR SEND AN EBAY MESSAGE INDICATING YOUR SIZE.

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Tupperware – The Musical!

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

Tupperware – The Musical is being performed by the New Colony troupe at La Costa Theatre on Chicago's Northwest Side until August 9.

Chicago Public Radio reports: A new musical created here in Chicago tackles some big issues through a surprising medium. The New Colony theater examines the role of women in the age of McCarthyism and the Korean War. It tells the story of a woman whose life is changed by a famous piece of plastic.

Tupperware: An American Musical Fable

"…clever, touching and laugh-out-loud funny…The New Colony
has delivered a winning new musical that I hope has a life beyond this

Highly Recommended!

Tupperware ePlaybill

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Top 10 Twitter Tools for MLM Professionals

Top 10 Twitter Tools for MLM Professionals

Twitter Guy Kawasaki says that Twitter is the most important marketing tool since the television. You can read more from Guy at How to Use Twitter as a Twool. If you want to market your MLM or Network Marketing company on Twitter, this article will offer some help.

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve gone a bit Twitter crazy – 18 hours a day trying all the tips, tricks and tools related to this new Web 2.0 phenomenon. Here’s my report:

Top 10 MLM Twitter Tools For Network Marketing Online

1. Power Twitter
The name says it all…this is Twitter on steroids…perfect for network marketers. Their goal is to make Twitter better. Unfortunately it only works with Firefox so far but they’re working on versions for Safari and Chrome. Power Twitter allows you to share photos, videos and music. Follow @powertwitter for the latest news.

2. TweetDeck
TweetDeck is one of the most popular Twitter clients. TweetDeck makes the mountains of tweets manageable. An alternative to TweetDeck is DestroyTwitter. Or Tweetie. Or…the list goes on.

3. TwitterFeed
TwitterFeed allows you to feed all new Blog posts directly to Twitter. Syndicate yourself. This is a great tool for anyone who has an MLM Blog or a blog about a specific Network Marketing company.

4. Twitter Karma (Update: Seems to be gone)
Find out what your Twitter Karma. Be careful not to bulk unfollow everyone.

4. Twitter Counter
Twitter Counter allows you to compare yourself with other Twitter users.

5. Twitter Grader
Once you’ve begun tweeting get your Twitter Grade from Twitter Grader.

6. Tweet Later
Tweet Later is a productivity tool for "busy tweeple". Tweet Later gives you the ability to schedule tweets, track keywords on Twitter, Send welcome direct messages to new followers, automatically follow those who follow you, unfollow those who unfollow you and manage multiple Twitter accounts with TweetCockpit.

7. Twist
Twist allows you to track trends on Twitter. There’s also TwitScoop.

8. Qwitter
Qwitter monitors who quits following you…so you can quit following them! Jerks!

9. TweetAdder
Tweet Adder is for you if you’re looking for more followers. Try the Free Trial.

10. is a simple url shortener. Many Twitter tools have support built-in but you can go direct to the source.

Enjoy the Twitterverse.

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