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Shaklee Products Listed Among 10 Eco-Friendly Products That Really Do The Job

Shaklee Products Listed Among 10 Eco-Friendly Products That Really Do The Job

Saw this in the Kansas City Star:

“Sunday, April 22 marks the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day, an occasion to think about ways to help our planet. One way to green your routine is by choosing green cleaning products. Here are 10 that are safe, effective, and eco-friendly for your home. Meaning, they’re better for your health and that of the earth’s, too!…

Shaklee is no trendy new start-up. Its been making natural products for half a century. Try the Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate ($11.20) for a chlorine- and fragrance-free way to get your dishes gleaming with no pre-rinsing required. Cool factoid: Shaklee brags that it’s “the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral certification and totally offset our CO2 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment.””

Read more here. 

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Transformation (I want to give you $200 for getting healthy)

Transformation (I want to give you $200 for getting healthy)

Transformation. To me, this is the word for 2012 and I am ready to back that up.

Today, I started on the Cinch Transformation Challenge and I wanted to invite those of you who want to become more healthy in 2012 to join me.

My weight loss goal in the next 4 months is 30 pounds.

Here is the great news…with the Cinch challenge, you will lose weight or you get your money back because of the unconditional guarantee of satisfaction backed by Shaklee.

The Cinch Transformation Challenge is a 4 month program and in the 4th month, your products are free.

I am also going to do something extra for you if you place your Cinch order through my link. (The Cinch Transformation Challenge)

I am going to be giving away your choice of an iPod Touch or a $200 shopping spree to the person who loses the most weight (by percentage) between now and the end of April.

My wife says that I can’t enter my own contest = )

Once you place your Guaranteed Weight Loss order for the Cinch Transformation Challenge, I will send you instructions for the contest.

Joining the Cinch Transformation will give you everything you need to lose weight now, guaranteed , including:

  • 2 Meals a Day
  • Snack and Energy Tea* Each Day
  • 3 in 1 Boost Supplements

* The energy tea is something that adults will actually like drinking, hot or cold = )

Plus you also get:

  • F*ree Weekly Inspiration Calls
  • The opportunity to win $500 month just by sharing your success
  • to grab recipes, meal plans, articles and more

Ready for transformation in 2012?

Click here now to join me.

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Can 55 Year Old Network Marketing Company Shaklee Hit Momentum?

Can 55 Year Old Network Marketing Company Shaklee Hit Momentum?

I am here in Pleasonton, California with a group of new Shaklee Directors.  The average Shaklee Director makes over $10,000 per year and the number of attendees at this New Directors Conference has tripled since the last event.

Shaklee has been picking up steam since the beginning of the year (our team joined in February) and today I am seeing this growth start to spread across the company.

Last month 14 people from our team alone attended the Top Achievers trip in Bora Bora, a trip of a lifetime to the Four Seasons on the island paradise in Tahiti.

10 days from now, over 700 people will be attending the Dream incentive trip to the Altantis Resort in the Bahamas.  The trip is all expenses paid by Shaklee. Our team will have over 100 people at Atlantis, but our team is not the only team now growing in Shaklee. There are several teams within Shaklee that are rocking right now.

As I sit and listen to many of the other speakers, a couple of common points seem to be threaded throughout the talks:

1. Security and Longevity – I think that experienced people in the network marketing industry are now waking up to the fact that very few start up companies actually make it past a couple of years.  From a rewards perspective, start up companies do not take people on incentive trips to Bora Bora or Kenya.  There are people in Shaklee who are 5 generation, six figure plus income earners.  No other company in the world can say that.

2. Shaklee’s New Dream Plan Compensation – In October of 2010, Shaklee made a monumental change to their compensation plan.  People are just now experiencing the benefits of the plan.  I have dozens of people on our team who have earned cars, cash bonuses from $1,000 to $84,000 and unbelievable incentive trips.  All of these compensation plan benefits are part of Shaklee’s new Dream Plan compensation.

I would have never given a second look at Shaklee without their new compensation plan, but with the new compensation plan, Shaklee is now impossible to ignore as a viable longterm option for people in the network marketing industry.

3. Shaklee is really a 55 year old “Start Up” –  Shaklee is currently doing about $500 million in sales in 7 countries, including one of just a handful of network marketing companies that are legitimately and legally operating in China.  Owner/CEO, Roger Barnett is committed to bringing the unique Shaklee and income opportunity dozens of countries in the coming years.  The largest companies in the industry currently seeing most of their growth from international expansion and many of them are already in 40 or more countries.  Shaklee is only in 7 countries and has the resources to go to 40 countries in the next few years.

Ty Tribble was ranked # 3 in Leadership and # 3 Top Achiever in Shaklee for 2011 (out of over 1 million Shaklee associates.  Ty is pioneering a new way to build a network marketing team utilizing Facebook.

How To Earn 6-Figures On Facebook In The Next 12 Months.

Click the above link to learn more about how you can partner with Ty and his team.

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Pinnacle Group Team & Ty Tribble Achieve Top Honors at the Shaklee Global Conference

Pinnacle Group Team & Ty Tribble Achieve Top Honors at the Shaklee Global Conference

Below is an article about the Pinnacle Group’s achievements at the recent Shaklee Global Conference. I was honored with several awards for growth and leadership and a $25,000 Fast Track check. Click here to find out more about the Pinnacle Group and our brand partner, Shaklee, probably the best kept secret in Network Marketing. – Ty Tribble

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA — (Marketwire) — 08/17/11 — The Pinnacle Group‘s Bo Short achieved the top honor in 3 categories at Shaklee’s Global Conference in Washington, D.C. on August 13, 2011. They are Rookie of the Year, Leader of the Year and Distributor of the Year. This recognition was for the time period July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011. Shaklee has a global distributor force in excess of 1 million people.

According to Bo Short, who also serves as Chairman of The Pinnacle Group, “This honor was a recognition of a team much larger than myself. Nothing great is ever accomplished alone and no one person is that good. The entire Shaklee team is to be commended for the work they do every day. The independent, entrepreneurial spirit that gave birth to America is the same force that drives our team. I am honored to work alongside the men and women of The Pinnacle Group everyday as we build something very special together.”

As a member of The Pinnacle Group’s Executive Board, and among the top achievers in each of these categories, Marcia Norfleet echoes Bo’s sentiments, “This is all about a team of people working together to do something significant. Being able to provide a pathway through which people can generate substantial income and create time with their families is very fulfilling. We are also proud to work with the Shaklee Corporation as our brand partner, as we go forward.”

The Pinnacle Group honorees are:

Rising Star Top 10

8. Pam & Drew Otto

6. Brenden Danielsen

5. Muzafer & Fozia Najfi

4. Marcia & Wes Norfleet

3. Ty & Richelle Tribble

2. Steve & Shawn Landstra

1. Bo & Sandy Short – Rookie of the Year

Leadership Top 10

6. Muzafer & Fozia Najfi

5. Marcia & Wes Norfleet

3. Ty & Richelle Tribble

1. Bo & Sandy Short – Leader of the Year

2011 Top Achievers

Brenden Danielsen

Steve & Shawn Landstra

Muzafer & Fozia Najfi

Marcia & Wes Norfleet

Pam & Drew Otto

Ty & Richelle Tribble

Bo & Sandy Short – Distributor of the Year

Executive Board Member and multi-category honoree Muzafer Najfi stated, “In my 16 years in this industry I have never been a part of something this special. With Shaklee as our brand partner and The Pinnacle Group as our strategic partner, the future is great.”

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Art Meakin, Legendary – MLM Network Marketer Rejoins Shaklee 33 Years Later

Art Meakin, Legendary – MLM Network Marketer Rejoins Shaklee 33 Years Later

Note from Ty Tribble, MLM Blog Founder:

I am pleased to welcome a 40 year legend in Network Marketing, Art Meakin to our Pinnacle Group/Shaklee Team. Not long ago, I called Shaklee the best kept secret in Network Marketing, but the secret is starting to get out…

Here is the Press Release:

Dallas, Texas: Legendary networker, Art Meakin, began his official MLM Network Marketing career in 1975-1979 by joining Shaklee. Meakin’s initial exposure to Shaklee products was in 1969, at the age of 15, when his father brought home several Shaklee nutritional and home-care products recommended by a friend of the family.

Meakin is most well-known for the pioneering direct marketing mail-order promotions of the late 80’s and early 90’s with The Shocking Truth About™ MLM Network Marketing newsletter, magazine ads, post-cards, and the $100,000 Home-Based Business Manual. These promotions allowed Meakin to achieve the #1 Distributorship in 1994 with the J.R. Watkins company which was 125 years old when Meakin joined Watkins in 1990.

In 1998 Meakin started a MLM Network Marketing company providing lead generation, training, and unique generic recruiting systems to assist anyone in any networking company to build a successful sales organization. Utilizing Meakin’s direct marketing and Internet marketing techniques, within 90 days of launching, the company grew to over 56,000 associates. Meakin has an extensive successful resumé since 1975 not only full-time for 23 years as a networker in the field but has also held positions as CEO, President, Executive Vice President, VP Business Development, and IT Director for traditional and networking companies as well.

In May 2011, after 33 years since being involved with Shaklee initially, Meakin joined Shaklee again and began developing a leadership group, replicated marketing systems, and promotional plans (including Internet and traditional cooperative advertising with radio, TV, billboards, etc., to generate interest in Shaklee based on the “transfer-buying” concept… listen to radio spot at ).

The decision to join Shaklee was based foremost on the stability of Shaklee being in business since 1956. Additionally, Shaklee has an established quality line of 300+ “transfer-buying” type products, the average customer purchases Shaklee products for 14 years, and an exceptional new compensation plan launched in October 2010. Shaklee has a young ambitious and visionary new owner, has the commitment of going into 50 countries over the next few years, and the company is supportive – progressive – innovative when it comes to marketing (direct marketing and Internet marketing).

When interviewed recently about the networking business model and the decision to join Shaklee, Meakin stated: “The MLM network marketing business model, potentially, has amazing promise for the person to independently leverage their time and earn an excellent part-time to full-time income from home. The challenge for most networkers today is finding a company that has the stability to provide the security of a solid income for the rest of our lives and at the same time… a company, sponsor, and upline that is innovative and visionary enough to offer an explosive opportunity for growth and progression. Shaklee is just that kind of company and I feel like I’ve come home… finally.”

Contact: Art Meakin

817.522.3927 office

skypeid = artmeakin

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Shaklee and Farmville Partner For Earth Day

Shaklee and Farmville Partner For Earth Day

Shaklee looks to Facebook, Zynga and Farmville to spread the world about Clean, Green Healthy Home Products:

We’re spreading the word about Shaklee and helping you do the same! Shaklee has partnered with Zynga® and Farmville™, the second most popular online game within the Facebook® community.

For a limited time, beginning May 9th, Farmville players can purchase a “Shaklee Healthy Home” to put on their virtual farm, and can also choose to purchase a special Shaklee Healthy Home Pack (the same pack you will have available for new Members starting 4/22, #59729), and join Shaklee for FREE.

An estimated 35 million people play Farmville — every day. And that means Shaklee, and our mission of making people and the planet healthier will become known to a lot more people, which makes explaining Shaklee to new people a lot easier.

MLM Blog Founder, Ty Tribble is a top trainer on the subject of using Social Media to build a Network Marketing business.  Ty is a Founding Member of the Pinnacle Group and fast growing Shaklee Distributor.

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Shaklee Sends $200,000 Worth Of Goods To Japan

Shaklee Sends $200,000 Worth Of Goods To Japan

I got this letter from Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett last night.

Just another reason why out team chose to partner with Roger and Shaklee. 

You can learn more about why we choose to Partner with Shaklee here (click here).

Here is the letter:

Dear Shaklee Family,

I am writing to update you about our Shaklee family in Japan in the aftermath of yesterday’s devastating earthquake and tsunami. Many of you have written to express your concern and desire to help. We still do not have all the facts as the northern part of Japan does not have reliable telephone or mobile service, and it is extremely difficult to travel there. However, at this time, we do not know of any injuries or loss of life to our Shaklee family. And we hope and pray that continues to be the case as we learn more over the next several days.

All of our employees in Tokyo and our manufacturing facility near Mt. Fuji are fine, and we believe the same is the case with our distributors. However, we have a sales office in Sendai, where the tsunami hit hardest. We believe our employees are safe, but do not yet have final confirmation. We are trying to reach out to our Sales Leaders in that area, but again, it is very hard to reach people at this time.

We have sent nearly $200,000 of goods from Shaklee Cares to Japan and will be doing an outreach campaign to our Shaklee family here so that you can help our Shaklee family members who may have lost their homes in Japan. As we know more, we will update you again.

Thank you for your expressions of love and support.

Warm regards,

Roger Barnett

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Shaklee? Why Shaklee? What’s Shaklee?

Shaklee? Why Shaklee? What’s Shaklee?

After exhaustive research, MLMBlog founder and Social Media entrepreneur, Ty Tribble has chosen to team up with Shaklee.

As the news moves across the Internet that our team (The Pinnacle Group) has chosen Shaklee to partner with in the future, I wanted to give you a little insight into the decision.

First, we studied a little over 60 companies.  We narrowed that list down to about 20 and ended up visiting a handful. 

Before this process started, I mentioned to Bo Short that “the decision would be obvious” and that turned out to be 100% true.  We knew that we had to make a decision that put our team first.

So, why Shaklee?  Well, most people do not know that Shaklee just changed their compensation plan in October of 2010 and the changes were huge.

You can see the new plan here.

But to give you a bird’s eye view, you do 20,000 in volume and hold it for three months and you earn $34,000 in cash bonuses, a trip for 4 Atlantis in the Bahamas, a trip for 2 to Bora Bora, 2 trips to San Francisco and tickets to the event in Washington DC. Additional compensation at that level comes to a bit over $56,000, for a total of a six-figure income. 

Here are a couple of highlights about the company for those who don’t know:

Shaklee is a $500 million company doing business in 7 countries.

They have invested over $250 million dollars in clinical testing, research and development.

Over 100 scientific papers, 90 of them published in peer-reviewed journals.

Their average customer has been with them for more than 17 years.

They have paid over $5billion dollars in commissions.

For those who had no idea about Shaklee, this PDF list will give you a great overview.

If you’d like to see a video of Bo Short interviewing Shaklee CEO, click here.

Here’s additional information:

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