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Disgraced Televangelist turns to MLM


By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

What does a disgraced televangelist do when the charitable donation checks dry up? Why, start an MLM of course! Robert Tilton's MLM, Stella Vita, sells a can of what they call Ucar'a Gold for $49.95. A quick look at the ingredients reveal it's pretty much a fruit and vegetable smoothy.

This from the Dallas News:

In addition
to their church work, Tilton also owns a publishing company and several
other for-profit businesses.

Records filed with the
Nevada secretary of state's office in 2006 list Tilton as president,
secretary, treasurer and director of Stella Vita International, a
multi-level marketing operation that sells nutritional supplements.

Stella Vita appears to blend Tilton's prosperity message with network
marketing. He has held a series of meetings to attract potential
investors in Stella Vita. The "Prosperity Opportunity" meetings took on
the flavor of tent revivals.

"I'm not so sure I see the
difference," Tilton was quoted as saying in a 2006 news release. "Ever
since I got rid of religion, I've had a party with God! And now we're
all going to have a party with Stella Vita"
– a quote that would make
his lawyer wince.

Asiatico said Tilton has sought legal
counsel and abided by all laws to ensure that tax-exempt church
entities are not promoting Stella Vita products.

"It is
not unusual for pastors to have investments and other sources of income
separate and apart from their compensation as ministers of the Gospel,"
she said.


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