I have often seen anti-mlm folks say that you must be a great salesman to succeed in Network Marketing.

Well, I disagree. Here is a real exchange with one of my best customers, before he was a customer.

Ty: How do your knees feel?

Cliff: You know how they feel, they hurt.

Ty: Try this. (hands Cliff a bottle of Summit Nutritionals Joint Health, my cost $7, retail price $13.95)

Cliff: What are you trying to get me into?

Ty: Nothing, try it and let me know what you think.

Cliff: OK

(30 days later, Ty’s phone rings)

Cliff: Hey, I’m out of that Joint Stuff

Ty: OK, would you like to get it every month at the same time?

Cliff: That would be cool.

Ty: You got it. By the way, do you take a daily supplement?

Cliff: I know I should, but I don’t always.

Ty: Try this…

If you have a line of competitively priced Network Marketing products and offer them to people that have a need for them, you will sell them.

Too simple? I know, so I came up with a fancy name: Solution Marketing