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Dr. Jon Taylor’s MLM Truth or Witch Hunt?


Dr. Jon Taylor’s web site, MLM – The Truth lacks one important thing. The MLM Truth. At least related to Passport LLC. Dr. Taylor has taken the time to rate 130 companies against his "5 Red Flags of a recruiting MLM, or product-based pyramid scheme" and Passport LLC was one of the companies rated. Sadly, Dr. Taylor chose to ignore the facts, even though they were clearly written on Passport’s website and sent to him again in writing.

4 out of 5 Dr. Taylor "red flags" plainly, do not apply to Passport LLC, yet Dr. Taylor refuses to make any changes on his so called truth site. The Dr. Taylor witch hunt is painfully obvious on red flag number 4 when he actually makes an amendment to his red flags in order to include Passport.

The Original Red Flag Number 4:

4. MLM company pays commissions and/or bonuses to at least 5 levels of participants, creating great "leverage" at the top.

Dr. Taylor checks Passport as a Yes.

However, Passport LLC’s compensation plan only pays on 3 levels, so Dr. Taylor had to make an explanatory note in order to continue his witch hunt, stating, "Though there are only three payout levels, the overrides escalate sharply on the third level – which more than offsets the three-level limit." I’m not sure about Dr. Taylor’s readers, but I know that my readers are smart enough to know that 3 is not 5.

There is a red flag that Passport is guilty of:

1. The ability to build your business with an unlimited number of customers and associates or in Dr. Taylor’s words, "Recruitment of participants is unlimited in an endless chain of empowered and motivated recruiters recruiting recruiters.

I may post further information about the other 3 red flags in the future. I think I can make a pretty good argument that the facts in Dr. Taylor’s MLM Truth site have been overlooked or purposely avoided.

When I found the misinformation about Passport LLC on Dr. Taylor’s site, I was shocked. I had spent several hours a couple of years ago, going over each of Dr. Taylor’s red flags and comparing them to Passport’s compensation plan.  At the time, I was proud of how Passport stacked up against the red flags and the other companies listed.

I know that Passport is not alone. There are other good companies in Network Marketing, yet Dr. Taylor lumps all of them together while continually ignoring the facts or adjusting them to meet the needs of his MLM Witch Hunt.

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  1. I guess multi level marketing has many facets. Perfect planning should be done in order to achieve success in the field of MLM.


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