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EIRO Enters Cleansing and Detoxifying Market With EIRO Pur


DALLAS, TX–(Marketwire – June 29, 2010) – EIRO Research, a Dallas-based nutritional company, launched EIRO PUR, an all-in-one detoxifying prebiotic cleanse for optimal wellness and weight management. EIRO PUR is a highly advanced weight management technology, with a revolutionary combination of prebiotics, resistant starch and natural detoxifying extracts, designed to remove toxins, balance the digestive system, and promote satiety.

"Recent research has linked gut bacteria to obesity," said David Rahm, MD, chief medical officer of EIRO Research. "We know that toxins in our food, water, and the environment impact our organs and our gut microflora. EIRO PUR promotes optimal conditions in the body with detoxifying extracts, and utilizes prebiotics to support normal, healthy microflora — and prebiotics have been shown to promote satiety, resulting in fewer calories being consumed throughout the day."

"EIRO Research is proud to a launch another category-leading technology," said Chris Hausman, chief executive officer of EIRO Research. "EIRO has a history of innovation in the development of effective wellness and weight management products, and EIRO PUR is no exception."

EIRO PUR contains EIRO’s RS Prebiotic Technology, a combination of resistant starch and inulin, both of which are prebiotics shown to promote satiety. The product also contains natural extracts of licorice, artichoke, dandelion, and marshmallow to promote healthy organ function and remove toxins. EIRO PUR mixes easily with water, tastes great, and is designed to be consumed 30 minutes prior to an evening meal.

EIRO PUR is part of EIROfit, EIRO Research’s comprehensive weight management system that also includes EIRO LEAN, a meal replacement shake with resistant starch, and EIRO BURN, a metabolism boosting supplement. In a field test of EIRO LEAN and EIRO BURN, 25 participants lost 467 pounds in eight weeks. The EIROfit system also includes dietary and exercise recommendations and a customized online tracking system.

"EIRO PUR is not only another first from EIRO, it is a product on the forefront of nutritional technology and will give all EIRO associates enormous leverage in building their businesses because it will provide their customers with an innovative and highly effective weight loss tool," said EIRO founding partner, Bo Short.

EIRO Research is a Dallas-based network marketing company specializing in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of premium, properly formulated nutritional products. For opportunity information, please visit www.EIROrevolution.com. For media inquiries, please visit www.EIRO.com. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Weight loss results not typical. Individual results may vary.

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  1. I like this. Very informative. EIRO is actually very appealing to someone like me; a young woman always worried about how to keep this gut down. I know it has a lot to do with my often imbalanced nutritional consumption, that’s why I cleanse periodically, and workout on a regular.
    For those who need a new plan however, this seems worth looking into.
    I think EIRO has a pretty good shot at success in Network Marketing, but they’re definitely entering a competitive branch (nutrition).
    I hope this helps people as much as expected.

    Get Out of the Rat Race of Network Marketing


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