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Eiro Research Launches All Natural Energy Drink


Eiro Research has launched an All Natural, Clean and Healthy alternative to Energy Drinks.  


Maintaining balanced energy levels requires the proper building blocks — sleep, exercise and proper nutrition. When the body is missing any of these key elements, it needs other sources of energy to maintain alertness and clarity. Many energy drinks utilize massive doses of artificial stimulants, resulting in instability, sudden energy decline and over time, health problems. 

EIRO Energy is formulated with balanced levels of natural sources of energy including guarana, green tea, ginkgo biloba and ginseng — just enough to give the body and mind a boost. EIRO Energy provides important vitamins and antioxidants, including vitamin B, vitamin C and folic acid. 

EIRO Energy contains only natural sugars, plus natural nutritious juices including black cherry, pomegranate and blueberry. EIRO Energy is non-carbonated and contains no synthetic caffeine, taurine or preservatives.


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