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Emerald Passport Shuts Down and Polaris Media Group Rant


This comes from Michael Lemm who is one of the "good guys" in Network Marketing. Michael has given me permission to post his thoughts, tips and rants in the past and I don’t take advantage of it enough.  Michael’s blog is always interesting and next to this one, it is one of the longest running MLM Blogs on the web.  Check it out here.

On November 17th, 2009 one of the original two big ticket home businesses went bust. The other big ticket original is Liberty League. Now, of course, there have been several others come and go.

By big ticket I mean price points of $1,200, $5,700, and $10,900. They sold digital downloadable products.

Here’s what their web site says today. "The Emerald Passport income opportunity is no longer available due to the severe global economic downturn. There will be no new product sales."

Now I doubt that is the truthful reason. Yes, big ticket sales must be considerably harder now than a year ago, but operating a web site with downloadable product …. already established …. costs how much? A few hundred bucks a month at most?!! So they’re quitting after 5 years because of cost? I doubt it. There must be hidden reasons.

These are people with an official office address in Panama …. and a secretive owner in Canada who does not wish to be identified as the owner.

Liberty League also has re-vamped with a new name …. and they added lower priced products to the mix in an effort to work more with prospects neededing less of an up front investment. It appears that LL has morphed into Polaris Media which is still like LL – and still mostly all high ticket items!

Companies like Emerald get my blood pressure up! Compared to the companies that most MLMers work with, Emerald and their ilk simply aren’t legitimate. But people join them anyway looking for their fortune, and when it never appears they go on to slam the entire mlm industry.

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  1. I was a victim of Emerald Passport! I lost over $20,000 to a guy in VA who got me signed up into the scam. I am now in debt because of it & my credit card company wouldn’t do anything since I consented to the charge. I am lost for words now & I have learned a very expensive lesson. It is hard for me to believe in anything such as making money online now. Do you have any suggestions on what else I could do? Thanks for your time in this matter. I look forward to hearing back from you.


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