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Enjoy The Benefits Of Working From Home


There’s an interesting article about Working From Home over at Technorati. Check it out.

Here’s an excerpt:

A lot of people are working out of a home office these days and the reasons vary. Some are self-employed, others are in sales and spend a lot of time traveling, some are lucky enough to work for companies that let them “telecommute” to save on office space, and there’s the rare company who does so to accommodate a valuable employee who has children and needs to be home.

Working from home also provides cost-saving benefits such as spending less money on gas, less wear and tear on your car, reduced clothing and lunch expenses, and there can be the added bonus of cutting down on pollution. Traveling salespeople do not apply.

All these benefits are great, but working from home can also bring increased distractions. You might have a tendency to throw in a few loads of laundry while you are downloading some software or waiting for an important phone call. Or, you might want to run the vacuum cleaner and dust while you are waiting for a fax to go through.


  1. Working from home can have many advantages and disadvantages but the most important thing that you have to consider is you must have DISIPLINE to work when you need to.

    I work from home with our network marketing buisness and find it very rewarding. Everyone should try it !


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