Some things to consider when evaluating a Network Marketing or MLM company:

Falling For The MLM Hype?

Make sure you understand how you are going to make money. Many times sorting through the hype and the PV’s, BV’s and CV’s is daunting. You go away from an “opportunity meeting” with little to no understanding of what you just saw, aside from what type of car the speaker drove.

A simple test…can you look at the compensation plan and figure out what percentage of revenue is paid back to the associate?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Would you buy the product for the retail price shown? Remember you must have customers in order to have a legal, let alone profitable business.

Beware of start up costs that have nothing to do with the actual start up with the MLM. Many times systems will include “stuff” with start up. In other words it may only cost $50 to get started but they are telling you that everyone buys the “Quick Start” kit for $250.

Find out about the training costs. Ask the rank and file! If they won’t let you talk to the rank and file…RUN!

Find out how many nights per week people leave home to build the MLM. Is it truly home based if your are leaving your house 3 nights a week for meetings?

Research other companies. Compare the compensation plans, products lines, start up costs, and training offered. Search out the good and the bad. Separate yourself from the hype and make a logical decision.


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