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eXfuze me? A New MLM?


Sooner or later the industry will run out of funky sounding names and new & exotic superfruits…but here's another company with some kind of juice or what they call a "botanical supplement."

Here's their mission in their own words:

At eXfuze, our mission is to provide the opportunity for improved
health and wealth without limits to our distributors and customers. In
doing so, eXfuze is proud to offer superior products and an
eXtraordinary compensation plan that have combined to create a buzz
throughout the direct-sales industry.
With the highest payout in the nutritional industry and a simple and
easy to understand pay plan, it is easy to see why eXfuze is not about
us – it is about you!
With that in mind, eXfuze has assembled a seasoned and passionate
management team that has your best interest in mind. After all, we
realize the long-term success of eXfuze is directly related to the
success of our distributors.
Brothers Rick and Don Cotton, the founders of eXfuze, have surrounded
themselves with a team of veteran leaders and visionary thinkers poised
to take eXfuze to the top of our industry. An ambitious goal no doubt,
but one that the entire team at eXfuze shares and will pursue with
unbridled passion, while honoring the company's values and goals with
absolute integrity.

Their flagship product is called seven and it's a "synergistic gathering of the earth's seven most powerful botanicals."

I'd hate to be the eighth most powerful botanical in the world. I'd feel left out.


  1. I have tried Monavie, Xango, Zrii and a couple of the others and I have to say seven is the least bad tasting.

    I don't believe that any of these "super-fruit" juices can stand up to rigorous testing to prove that there are any measurable health benefits.

    There are a lot of other beverages I would prefer to buy at $40 a bottle.

  2. You are too funny! I was cracking up about your comment on being the eighth most powerful botanical. You can try Exfuze for free at htt://www.healthywealth7.com.

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