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FDA Warns About Magic Power Coffee Wants Recall


ABC News:

"The active ingredient in Magic Power Coffee is not approved by the FDA and poses a Class I danger, that is, it could result in serious harm to health and death," FDA spokesman Ira Allen said.

"We asked [Magic Power Coffee] to do a voluntary recall and they declined to do that," he said.

In a press release Saturday, the FDA advised consumers of the product to "stop using it immediately" as it "can cause serious harm." No adverse events have yet been associated with the use of this product, the press release noted.

"It’s an unapproved drug, that’s the essential issue here, and it’s being advertised as a supplement," Allen said. The FDA is investigating the issue further.

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  1. Great article,

    I didn’t know about this coffee. Sounds really dangerous. I think a guy would be wise to stay away from it. It also seems as though the company doesn’t care what harm this product can pose to their customers.

    Doesn’t give them a very good reputation. What are they thinking? Sounds like they are opening themselves up to lawsuits!


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