Consulting in MLM has gotten to be a big business in Network
Marketing. Being one myself, I have found that there are good ones out
there, and then there are well, not so good ones. You must know what to
look for, before you spend a dime with them.

Many MLM Consultants
are actually Network Marketers that say they are consultants. You must
understand that consulting is a career and profession that demands many
things, but being a Network Marketer does NOT automatically qualify one
as an expert. Even if they have had great Success in MLM, that may be
due to being in the right place at the right time, with the right
people. That happens in Network Marketing often.

Here are the 5 things to look for in a good MLM Consultant:

1) A Track record that is available for Inspection.

good consultant, no matter the industry, will keep their track record
available for any kind of inspection by a future client. They have
nothing to hide, nor do they want to. The results they have
accomplished speak for themselves.

Ask them if they have some
clients you could talk to, or get some kind of testimonial. Track
records in consulting can mean the difference between spending money
and getting little, or spending money and getting a lot. Check what
they have DONE, not what they said they have done. You will be glad you

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