DALLAS, TX–(Marketwire – March 10, 2009) – EIRO Research, a Dallas-based nutritional
company, held its prelaunch convention in Dallas on March 6-7. At the
convention, the company launched its official packaging and branding, as
well as EIRO Energy, a natural, healthful alternative to conventional
energy drinks.

"Attendance was phenomenal," said CEO, Chris Hausman. "We had twice as many
attendees as we expected. It was standing room only." EIRO's official
branding was designed by Pentagram Design, an award-winning design firm
whose clients include Tiffany and Co., as well as Saks Fifth Avenue. DJ
Stout, a partner of Pentagram, was at the event to reveal the new look.

"This new packaging is first-class," said Liz Goldreich, a Dallas-based
independent associate for EIRO. "The owners of EIRO have aligned themselves
with some of the classiest companies in the country. They are setting new
standards and raising the bar in network marketing."

In addition to launching new packaging, videos, and marketing materials,
the company revealed it would be featured in the August issue of Your
Business at Home Magazine, a publication that appears on national
newsstands. Other speakers at the event included, Darren Hardy, publisher
of Success magazine, and Elizabeth Showers, a jewelry designer who heads
the Elisa Project, which raises awareness on eating disorders. Founding
partners Bo Short, Ty Tribble, and Chris Cucchiara also spoke at the event.

"EIRO is providing an incomparable platform for its independent
associates," said EIRO founding partner, Ty Tribble. "No other company in
network marketing has launched such a broad and comprehensive suite of
products and materials in such a short amount of time. The opportunity at
this company is unparalleled."

EIRO Research is a Dallas-based network marketing company specializing in
the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of premium, properly
formulated nutritional products For opportunity information, please visit
www.eirorevolution.com. For media inquiries, please visit www.eiro.com.