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Former Arbonne Sr. VP Candace Keefe Leaves Apriori Beauty


Apriori Beauty seemed to be attracting a fair number of Arbonne reps who complained of being fed up with the companies downward spiral in a number of areas but now the direction Apriori seems up in the air with former Arbonne Senior VP of Product Development, Candace Keefe stepping down as CEO.

Here is Candace’s statement on her Facebook page:

Hi friends! Just checking in. There’s been a lot of drama over the past few weeks — let’s not continue to spin webs and create drama. The facts and truth have been revealed. I chose not to work with the continued illusion that I held a title I simply did not. My partners voted me out of my title and the authority that the title held. The “CEO” title in itself was of no importance to me, but the lack of ability to move forward in a positive and healthy direction was. It was simply not what I signed up for, and something I was not going to keep fighting for the rest of my life. Discontinuing the illusion is not a character flaw as some would like to believe, it’s simply choosing not to mislead. I dreamed to create a company that would help many women be successful, and I believe the opportunity is still there if you believe in the vision of use, love share. Best wishes to everyone …

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  1. I always thought she was the companies founder? How does the founder get squeezed out of a company they start?

    Does this mean Apriori is heading in the wrong direction as well?

    What were they doing that Candace didn’t agree with and eventually lost her position over?

  2. Candace is still the majority investor, but was an equal partner with two other women, namely Susan Twellman and her former sister-in-law, Elizabeth Vervynck. These two women happen to be next door neighbors. When Candace started demanding to see financial statements and disagreeing with financial decisions the other two were making they shut her out by outvoting her on everything. Candace asked for Ms. Twellman, who was supposed to be a “silent” partner to step away from daily operations and bring in a financial expert. They declined. The company is failing due to their decisions and Candace was forced to leave to protect her name and reputation. Look for this company to fail this summer unless consultants and investors are able to force Candace’s return and Susan’s departure. Rumor has it that the IRS is now investigating their “books” and even investors can’t get their hands on the detailed financials.

  3. Anyone can post anything they want on this site regardless of truth and facts. The above statement from susan is all fiction!!!







    (949) 798-0500

    EMAIL: counsel@oneil-IIp.com

    WRITER’S DIRECT DIAL: (949) 798-0727

    EMAIL: Ihilton@oneil-IIp.com

    (949) 798-0511 (FAX)





    12, 2012

    Via Electronic Mail and U.S. Mail

    Elizabeth Vervynck
    25745 Dillon Road
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653



    Dear Mrs. Vervynck:

    As you know, this office represents Candace Keefe. You also are undoubtedly aware of
    the statement Ms. Keefe posted on her Facebook page to respond to the many false and
    misleading statements you and Mrs. Twellman have been making to business associates with
    whom Ms. Keefe has longstanding relationships.

    Certain e-mail correspondence between you and Sonya Veverka from June 8, 2012 has
    been forwarded to me. To refresh your recollection, Ms. Veverka was apparently Apriori
    Beauty’s top salesperson for the month of May. Ms. Veverka wrote to you on June 8 that she
    “whole heartedly” believed Ms. Keefe should be reinstated as the CEO of Apriori Beauty, and
    that she “along with thousands of others followed Candee to this company and am having a
    difficult time seeing it move forward without her and Katy on the product development side.”

    It is understandable that you would have a difficult time accepting the content of Ms.
    Veverka’ s e-mail. However, your response—which was to continue your pattern of making false
    statements about Ms. Keefe and the circumstances of her departure from the Company—is
    inappropriate and legally actionable.

    For instance, in response to Ms. Veverka’s statement about Ms. Keefe being removed as
    CEO, you claim that “We did not strip her of anything.” That statement is false and you know it.

    6/11/12 13138.2
    #117599 vi

    Elizabeth Vervynck
    June 12, 2012
    Page 2

    According to a letter I received on December 2, 2011 from one of the attorneys you and Mrs.
    Tweilman hired (in Ms. Keefe’ s absence), an Apriori Beauty Manager’s meeting was held on
    November 15, 2011 at which you and Mrs. Tweilman (again in Ms. Keefe’s absence) voted to
    remove both her title and her authority as the Company’s CEO. According to the letter, you and
    Mrs. Twellman also voted—and Ms. Keefe was instructed by your lawyer—not to disclose this
    “action item” to employees or independent consultants.

    Your reason for wanting to conceal from employees and consultants that you had
    removed Ms. Keefe as CEO was because you knew exactly what the reaction would be. You
    knew that employees and consultants would express the same sentiments recently expressed by
    the Company’s top salesperson, i.e., a strong desire to have Ms. Keefe reinstated as CEO and
    serious doubts about the Company’s viability without her direction. Your recent statement
    falsely denying that the event ever happened is typical of the kind of conduct that caused Ms.
    Keefe to resign.

    Your motivation is clear. You knew that Ms. Keefe posted a statement advising
    interested parties of the truth about her removal as the Company’s CEO. By falsely denying that
    you and Mrs. Tweliman removed Ms. Keefe as CEO, you essentially portrayed her as a liar to
    her business associates.

    Likewise, your statement that “[w]e tried to meet, but her response was her resignation”
    is grossly misleading and disingenuous. The facts are that it was Ms. Keefe who tried to set up a
    meeting. You and Mrs. Tweliman initially agreed, but then changed course and refused to meet
    unless Ms. Keefe agreed to meet with your lawyers. This in spite of the fact that the Company’s
    Operating Agreement makes no provision for allowing lawyers to attend Manager’s meetings.
    You omitted these important facts from your e-mail because, once again, you knew how they
    would make you and Mrs. Tweliman look in the eyes of the Company’s employees and

    Please be advised that Ms. Keefe intends to share this letter with Ms. Veverka and any
    other business associates to whom you have made false statements about Ms. Keefe.

    Very truly yours,

    Lawr’ce J. Hilton


    cc: CandaceKeefe

    6/11/12 13138.2
    #117599 vi

  5. It seems to that someone is desperate, exposing what you want people to believe is real confidential legal correspondence between lawyers. Although, you may think this is helping Ms. Keefe, I find this quite embarrassing for her. Just a lot of yada yada yada, she said, she said, she said…. Isn’t this the second time she has resigned from a company and created an uproar that has damaged hard working women’s ability to make their commissions? I’m sure for someone like her, who has a nice large bank account, doesn’t realize the fall out for the consultants. The actions that I have seen are of a very self -centered, self- aggrandized person who did consider anyone but herself. Go ahead post more legal docs. Won’t change my mind!

  6. Hmmm…Louri Boilard…misleading the public again…didnt you do jail time for that? Just google Louri Boilard…

  7. What a mess! And to think I had thought about joining your company.As women in the business world you should all be embarassed by your conduct.

  8. Good luck Louri and Faith…that company is belly up…they only have 2 employess left…they are hanging by a thread and lying to their tiny little field.

  9. Marilyn – Thank you for bringing that up – I have been in touch with the State AG’s office and Senator Ayottes office about those links – this was overturned in Federal Court. I took online courses that I paid a large sum of money for and got my “degree” only to know that they were not accredited. I didn’t due my due diligence on them – so yes I spent a small time in one of the worst places you could never even fathom – waiting for my federal court date in which I was released and the conviction was overturned. I missed out on a month of taken care of my Dad at the nursing home, I missed out on a month of my babies first steps and birthday – but I was able to teach a lot of young girls some really good stuff. I helped girls get their GED and my husband and lawyer worked really hard getting the date pushed up and overturned. The online school was sued, as was a few others that I can not mention because of an NDA – so in turn my children were able to have their college paid for. Before you throw stones. Get to know the whole story. I am a kind loving person, a mom of 3 and a grandmother of 5 I don’t know your last name but I wish you the best of luck on what ever you do.

  10. Louri, thank you for the clarification of one of your MANY offenses. Google Louri Boilard to see for yourself. You started the stone throwing…the documents from the lawyer involved is copied on the site…how can you say Susan is lying…you are delusional. I dont know why Apriori would make a felon part of their Leadership Advisory Team…tells a lot about Apriori…

  11. What does all this have to do with Apriori?!!

    So if I read the past entries correctly, Candace is still with the company (as a 1/3 partner) but not longer holds the title as CEO?

    Is this company failing or just having an internal power struggle?

    Someone (not Marilyn or Louri please) provide some clarification.

  12. Marilyn is NOT Cathi Almquist! Cahti Almquist is at the top level of Apriori and moving forward with the company. You all know the facts…they are stated above…make your own decision and move forward…or get out…I personally…got out.

  13. I hope all involved in the company gets truthful answers ASAP but if you ask me it looks like this ship is not sailing smoothly. I was asked to join this company because of the great leadership which was a reference to Candace not the other two woman. Glad i declined

  14. This whole discussion is ridiculous and unsavory.

    We are all very sad to see that Candice has decided to leave Apriori Beauty, but the issues are between the founders of the company.

    This childish one sided attack is at best gossip and at the worst, it could possibly hurt someones livelihood. YOU DO NOT mess with someones livelihood. That is just wrong. Leave this to the founders and their lawyers and keep misinformation off the public boards!

    I do not know why Susan or Marilyn are publicly stating such drivel, but it is apparent that they may have gotten this information from Candace. I just hope Candace is not driving this inappropriate behavior.

    BTW Marilyn you outing Lourie in this discussion is dispicable on your part. I hope you are ashamed and frankly if you are an Apriori Beauty Rep, I hope you leave. I do not wish to work with you or others like you.

    The company is debt free and doing well. There is no exodus of reps to other companies.

    To believe that a company is going down based on a figurehead is arrogant. What the company needs to focus on is not a personality, but the product and the excellent independent reps.

    Companies with great products do not need figureheads and Apriori Beauty Products are great products.

    The remaining founders have made it clear that the formulations were put together by them and the scientists as a team and that they are dedicated to continuing with the mission of innovative products, a solid transparent business environment that supports it’s independent reps success and their clients well being.

    I read the complaints from the lawyers and something struck me as odd. In all cases with partners, there are votes that must take place. There were three partners here and at least two of them voted in all situations. If Candace did not win the vote was there maybe a reason none of us know about?

  15. There is a mass exodus and many have put themselves on a wait list to join a new company that is going to explode. Imagine over 4000 people on a wait list to be a rep! Sales like crazy for those who are currently reps! No convincing people that your products are the best and spending tons of money giving samples away! Many on this page have been down right mean to those who left and ironically before this mess. They were looking elsewhere because it was feeling very Arbonne like! Pushing for recruits as opposed to selling product!

  16. Mass exodus? I have over 4oo people in my AB downline. Sales are strong and so is recruiting.
    We don’t wholesale product. The company plan requires all to pay retail….clients and consultants.
    Candace tokd me recently that even she paid retail.
    Consultants then are paid 30% commission the following week on all their orders and sales. We will see very little if any recruiting just for recruiting sake.
    It is a solid plan and a solid company. If I am not mistaken one of the partners owns the buiiding housing the company. Not a bad piece of real estate in South Orange County California.
    The company owns their formulas of current products and the many slated for release.
    The company has received great reviews from beauty and health media and according to Candace grew over 100% last yesr from 2010.
    I have been in nwm/direct sales for 37 years (yes discovered the industry early on!). This is the best product grouping and efficiently run company I have ever encountered and a highly profitable and fair comoensation plan.
    When I joined Arbonne in late 1987 there were about 6 employees at the corporate office. The company was 7 years old. Apriori is on track….young company with few employees.
    Btw, my AB team is doubling the monthly sales my downline had in my previous company. We have only 25 products currently (some exciting new ones on the way). My former team had 3000 reps and the company has over 400 products.
    Yes! I sell Apriori Beauty and I teach orhers how to sell it.
    Susan Shaheen

  17. Like clockwork we receive our products and commissions right on schedule!
    And I have never had such happy clients and team members as I do with AB.

  18. One more thing, we all love Louri Boilard!
    Marilyn, you must have been absent from Sunday School the day they taught the Gospel when Jesus stated ‘Let he without sin throw the first stone.’
    I mean ‘Really?’

  19. Marilyn is really not a nice person. Louri has been such a great leader to me and has helped me step out and believe in myself again.

  20. if you look to google for all of your answers you are nuts. No One knows how much I went through – they were going after my Dad and I took the heat – the social worker was present at the closing – as I said before overturned in Federal Court.

  21. Department of Justice
    Office of the Attorney General

    State v. Louri Boilard

    Manchester Woman Jailed One Year for Violating Terms of Suspended Sentence

    Attorney General Kelly A. Ayotte announces that Louri Russel Boilard, age 42, of Manchester, has been incarcerated for 12 months for violating the good behavior condition of her suspended sentence. Boilard received the suspended sentence following her conviction last year for Medicaid fraud.

    In ordering Boilard incarcerated, the Court found that she had misrepresented her qualifications and credentials while promoting her resume writing and career coaching business, known as DistinctCareer by ResumeBrilliance, LLC. The Court specifically ruled that Boilard had falsely represented herself as a licensed psychologist, and that her conduct amounted to deceptive business practices.

    The Medicaid fraud conviction resulted from a jury trial in Hillsborough County Superior Court in September of 2007. Boilard was found guilty of intentionally concealing the sale of her parents’ property while they were receiving Medicaid benefits for nursing home care.

    Attorney General Kelly Ayotte said: “Those who directly defraud consumers and those who engage in Medicaid fraud diminish the quality of life here in New Hampshire and increase both the cost of government and the cost of doing business between private parties. My Office will continue to actively investigate and vigorously prosecute those who engage in this type of illegal conduct.”

  22. Looking for news on Candace Keefe and Bioceutica? Heard she was joining the company, but I cannot find any info on the news? Anyone have any info?

  23. Yes, they hired Candace to be the new CEO and Bioceutica bought the failing Trump network. It’s a buy in plan, looks like Candace has lowered her standards.

    Likening the new Bioceutica to a finely tuned Ferrari race car, and Bioceutica Marketer-Partners and support staff to a highly coordinated racing team, Bioceutica Chairman Antoine Nohra introduced MLM guru Candace Keefe to the field last night as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer and championship race car driver.
    Read the press announcement and hear the entire call here.
    For a Life Without Limits,
    The Bioceuitca Home Office Team

    Home Office: 12 Kent Way, Byfield MA – Phone: (800) 423-1926 – Email: CustomerCare@Bioceutica.com
    © Bioceutica LLC. All rights reserved.

  25. If you know Candace, you have to know that she is not a woman who lowers her standards… if she was willing to do that, she would still be at Arbonne… or Apriori. It is harder to walk away and take this kind of ugliness than it is to stay and look pretty on the outside and lower your standards.

    Bioceutica owners are genius. They see who Candace is, what she stands for, and her heart for others. She landed on her feet and I am so happy for her! God bless you Candace Keefe!


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