Fortune High-Tech Marketing is back in the news again and gets raked over the coals by USA Today. You can check out the FHTM MLM Blog coverage and reader comments from back in March when they got shut down in Montana here. The fact is – 30% of Fortune representatives make nothing, and 54% of those with earnings average just $93 a month. Where’s the fortune in that?

Marie Richardson of Daytona Beach, Fla., has never been as excited about a business opportunity as she is about her new work for Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. In her first week and a half as an independent sales representative this summer, she earned $800 in bonuses for recruiting four customers who agreed to pay a fee to become salespeople and buy or sell products.

Kimberly Asper of Missoula, Mont., however, says she sometimes has to feed her family cereal or ramen noodles for dinner since she was laid off from a job and spent thousands trying to build a business through Fortune. She soon realized it was all about “signing people up.”

Richardson was one of several thousand salespeople who gathered here last month for a Fortune conference to learn how to recruit people and sell products including cellphone service and private-label vitamins for the company, which Fortune’s top money earner, Ruel Morton, calls “the most lucrative financial opportunity in the history of the country.” Asper, meanwhile, was one of the Montanans whose complaints led to a lawsuit filed by the state securities commissioner and settlement that required Fortune to tell current and new representatives that no compensation will be paid for recruitment. Fortune paid $1 million to settle the charges, including $840,000 to reimburse Montanans, but did not admit wrongdoing.

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