Michael Oliver:

Here’s just some of the things we talked about…
  * Do you want to be "rich" or "right"?  How your beliefs might
  be holding you back and preventing you from getting what you
  * The amazing fact that at any moment you are only consciously
  aware of a tiny fraction of the information that is actually
  entering your brain.  And what you’re aware of is determined by
  what Jerry calls your inner "Spotlight".  Change where you
  focus your "Spotlight" and your reality will change.
  * Why "Controversy" is not necessarily a bad thing and what it
  has to do with your success
…plus a lot more (such as why you might be missing an
opportunity, even if it’s literally right in front of your face).
It’s easy to listen to the call, just click on the following
link…(good until March 31st)