I have been offering free blogs to Network Marketers at the MLM Blog Network for over a year now and many people have seen great results from consistant blogging about their Network Marketing company.

However, one of the biggest bottlenecks with the network was my ability to set up requested blogs in a timely manner (if at all in some cases).

That said, I am pleased to announce the launch of MLMVox Beta. MLMVox is really the MLM Blog Network 2.0 with a snazzy new name and location.

Here is what’s cool about the free blogs at MLMVox:

  • Automated Sign Up – you no longer have to wait for me to set up your account
  • Short URL (yoursite.mlmvox.com)
  • Fresh new web 2.0 look
  • WordPress format

We are working on some other great stuff that will help drive lots of traffic to your MLMVox blogs like an RSS feed of Network Marketing company news and a special page that shows the most recently updated blogs, most active blogs (comments and posts) and lots more.

The most active blogs at MLMVox will also get free press at the most read Network Marketing blogs on the net, including here at the MLM Blog, MultiLeveler and the MLM Business Opportunities Weblog.

Let me know what you think, but please be nice, we are still in Beta.

To get your free MLMVox Blog, click here.