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Google Scams Making Comeback on Facebook


Here’s an interesting article from The Tech Herald about the Google Work At Home Scams:

Since Monday, searches on Google and posts on Facebook have started to crop up with links to a site that uses some clever code and legitimate news to push the now classic “make money with Google” scam.

After being alerted to the rise in the number of links circulating online and on Facebook pitching the scam by security vendor Websense, The Tech Herald investigated further, digging into the site’s code and method of propagation. Was there anything new about this scam? Exactly how does it work?

To start, the links to the website will vary. However, the most common one is binsservicesonline-dot-info. If you follow that link, you are forwarded to another domain, biznews7-dot-org. The biznews7 site comes off as a news portal. The news of the day revolves around the headline, “Jobs: Is Working Online At Home The Next Gold Rush?”

The fake article is sprinkled with quotes touting the ease of working from home, and the money that can be made with “easy Google profit”. However, there is more to the site than the pitch.

The code running it has gone all out for the person reading, adding a bit of local flair thanks to JavaScript pulling data from GeoIP. The GeoIP code will alter the title of the portal, in our case it became the Indiana Financial Journal, as well as tag various parts of the headline story with your local city and state, such as it did for us in the example below.

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