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Google Sues Work-At-Home Scammers


Beware of Google Work-at-Home schemes and scams!

Google is suing Pacific WebWorks and several unnamed defendants for running a scam selling work-from-home tool kits using Google’s name. According to Google, people who signed up for the offer were hit with unfair reoccurring monthly credit card charges.

Google filed a lawsuit Dec. 7 in U.S. federal court in Utah accusing a company of using its brand name in a work-from-home scam and slamming people with suspect credit card charges.

According to Google, Salt Lake City-based Pacific WebWorks and several unnamed defendants offered a tool kit for stay-at-home online workers. The tool kit is advertised as free, minus a nominal shipping and handling fee. However, Google alleges in the lawsuit that people who sign up for the offer have their credit cards hit with monthly fees and receive “little of value, or nothing at all, in return for their payments.”

Source: eWeek


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