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Guest Blogger: Tamal Anwar on Developing Leadership Skills


This article is a guest post by Tamal Anwar who is a networker and a motivator from The blog about success.

Being a leader is what many people want, no matter you are in business or in any sector  with a team, you want to be the leader. Being a leader is not a big deal but dealing with your duties and your team mates is the toughest part of leadership. In MLM, you are the leader of your team but sometimes we have a hard time to spend being the leader. There are many skills which you can develop to become the perfect leader. Being a leader is very much hard task because you have to manage people from different ages and from different places with separate mentality. if you want to become a great leader in MLM, adopting these skills will help you achieve your goals,

1. Never behave bad with your team mates: Please never ever behave bad or roughly with your fellow team mates/ distributors. Because your distributors are not your employees. They have the same status what you have. People doesn’t follows the leader if they don’t like him or his attitude. It is not worthy for you if your distributors doesn’t follows you no matter how much you earn from your business. If your distributors quit this business, they will have not much to loss. So they are not bound to this business this is why they have no such reasons to follow you if they don’t like you. If you want to grow your business
then you shouldn’t behave bad with them because it will effect on your own business.

2. Learn from your nearest upline: Your nearest upline, may be the person who enrolled you in this business, will support you the most. If you went to your more superior upline leader, he may not put much focus on you. I know many Diamond leaders and they will talk with my new distributors if I request, but that counseling would not be very much worthy for a new distributor. If you went straight to your upline leader without going to your nearest upline, the chances are that you will not get the better support. Your nearest upline will always there for you and who knows, he might have the answer you are looking for.

3. Help your cross line: Cross line/ help line are the people who are in this business but not in your team. You will not get any direct benefits if you help them but it is required if you want to be a leader. Help them with the things you can. Talk with them and help their distributors to learn the business and may be they will return the favor too. Let others from other teams know you. One of the goals of MLM is to make you popular among people. Talk with them and help them. Build a nice relationship and they will talk about you too and they will sure help your team mates which will support your business.

4. Build leadership: Don’t just be a leader, make new leaders from your team. Let others build their own team and leaders. Duplicate the leadership to spread your business. Be patient because the result will take some time to come. MLM is a team work and a single person can’t do 100% work. If we work together, 100 people can do at least 1% of work. Do you want yourself to do the business forever? Off course not, thats why you need more leaders to support your business. Learn from your distributors and how they work. Help them to learn more and be their leader, not their boss.

I know you can do it, you have too. Because we all love success.

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  1. Awesome article but two things missing.

    As leaders we need to practice what we preach. There is nothing worse than a leader who says do this and do that…but then will not practice those strategies themselves. People will quickly see through that and you will lose credibility

    Also…personal development is key to a strong attitude as a leader. You will have down days as well as up days. But when those down days happen…the frustrating ones…if you have focused on personal development…you will get through them. You see..as leaders..we cannot let them see us sweat.

    To Your Success!!

    Rivers Corbett
    MLM Outlaws

  2. Great article on leadership…one point that I think could be added as well is personal branding. Personal branding yourself as a leader is a great way to sustain your business for the long term. If you build your downline and business around your leadership rather than your product or opportunity then you will be much more successful. That is something I've personally been striving to do with my own business at http://www.freenetworkmarketing.net …Blogging is a great way to promote self branding and establish yourself as a leader.

  3. This is a really great article. What is pointed out in the article in my opinion are fundamental to leadership. I especially agree with the part about Helping your cross line. To help those who are not even on your team takes true leadership skills. Great post. Thanks for sharing!


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