I know, it wasn’t a very innovative subject line. Sorry. I want to be quick because I’m at the beach for the next couple of days, spending time with my family.

The beaches in Washington state (we are hanging out in Long Beach, WA) are different than the beaches in Bora Bora this time of year. But I like different and I highly recommend you experience both. = )

Something about sitting by the fire when the wind is blowing at 40 miles an hour and the rain is pounding on the roof…

But enough about me, I want to talk about you.

Have you thought about how you can make 2012 your breakthrough year?

As you think about 2012, I want you to know that I believe in you.

I’m sure some of you are thinking “Believe in me? Ty doesn’t even know me.”

And you’re right. While I do personally know many of you, it’s hard to personally know everyone who subscribes to my E-mails and reads my blog, but it actually isn’t hard to know you, because I was once in your shoes…sometimes struggling and then sometimes having an amazing day when I seemed to get it all right.

I want you to know that nothing can stop you if you put your heart and mind into achieving your dreams and goals.

Let’s make 2012 your best year ever.

Happy New Year.

Warmest – (well not as warm as Bora Bora – see pic)

Ty Tribble

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