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Herbalife Surveys Kids Breakfast Habits


In a nationwide survey sponsored by Herbalife, 73 percent of parents said that their kids ate breakfast at home every day before going off to school, while only about 5 percent of parents reported that their kids never ate breakfast. So, the message that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” seems to be getting heard, at least by parents of kids aged 6-12.

That’s the good news. But what kids typically eat is another story. The survey of over 1100 parents in the U.S. conducted by Synovate eNation, found that kids’ top three breakfast choices were refined grain products like cold cereal, waffles or pancakes, and bread products like toast and bagels. Fewer than half of those surveyed said that their kids typically ate eggs in the morning and less than half (41 percent) said that their kids ate fruit before leaving for school.

“Just as important as making sure that kids eat breakfast in the morning, is making sure that kids get a well-balanced meal before going to school,” says Luigi Gratton, MD, vice president of nutrition education at Herbalife. “A breakfast high in refined grains and low in protein won’t keep kids going until lunch, so energy can lag and academic performance can suffer,” he adds.

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