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High Prices and Bad Reputation


Orrin Woodard is now saying that Quixtar’s high prices make the Quixtar opportunity as a business not viable.

I am going to say this once and then I’ll let it go (maybe).

Message to the TEAM:

I told you so.

Now TEAM apologists are calling Quixtar, "scamway". That’s funny.

Here is something to ponder…

What in the world has Orrin Woodward been thinking for the last three or four years?

What kind of leader lets his people suffer in one of the worst opportunities on the planet?

I hear a lot of, "Bow down to Orrin, I’ll follow him to my grave." Yeah. Good luck with that.  The only person that I will follow to my grave is Jesus.

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  1. Maybe he was thinking…. hmmm I am Contractually held to Quixtar.

    Guess I better keep trying to get them to change.

    *Smacks head against wall*

  2. I have had bad luck with quixtar. The company really does sell a lot of hype and no effective training. all though I have realized that many have had success with it which took them about 5-10 years. They also say that you can have your own website and make it an online thing. Well you still have to talk to folks who are interested but gasp at the price of most products. To me quixtar is over rated and not worth spending money for.

  3. Well I would have to say I haven't had bad luck w/ my team & training. I feel the team that you have to learn from is very crucial in your success & with this business.

    I am more shocked that Chuck Goetchal is no longer with the company more than anyone else. I am not on his team but loved his CD's & felt he was a great teacher of the business. I will miss him most of all. I will still continue to use his CD's since many of them are facts & great to listen to. I find the system to be very beneficial.


  4. Orrin thinks that the prices are too high??? What a joke!!!! I have numerous CDs (unfortunately) that quote Orrin and his band of merry thieves saying that the price doesn't matter because the "business" priciple is all that matters.

    I regret that I joined but I am extremely happy that I got out before I spent any more money…


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