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How Not To Use Article Marketing To Promote Evolv


I was scanning my Google Alerts this morning and this headline caught my eye: Evolv Drink- To Drink Or Not To Drink. I clicked and was redirected to a website that seems to be about MLM Leads. Here’s the first few paragraphs:

Evolv is a bottled water manufacturing company that has gone over the multi-billion dollar mark. It’s a network marketing company that has done well in the stock market at the moment.

The Evolv Beverage is clean and natural water that is high quality and claims to yield good quality nutrition and dietary supplements to your body. It also has been declared to generate a healthy immune system, helping in recovering from fatigue, maintaining a good flow and circulation of blood and additionally improving the inclusion of vital nutrients like proteins, minerals, vitamins etc.

Spree drinking has been happening amid the general community for quite a while and even nowadays. It’s been years since energy beverages became acknowledged to be nothing more than a soft drink. It is typically used for leisure purposes. Manufacturers of these beverages have recognized after years of experience that this description was not selling adequately.

They became aware that folks were generally interested in a simple drink that would purely raise their energy levels and be a healthier substance. Everyone wishes to accomplish a good shape and at times exercise is not enough. Certain drinks come with the essential guarantee of escalating the energy level plus helping to lose weight.

When I took a closer look I found that this site was also marketing a tool called Unique Article Wizard. Apparently the Evolv article above is the kind of articles this wizard spins for you. Unique? Maybe.

Moral of the story – if you’re going to use Article Marketing make sure the facts in your article are true and write the articles yourself or at least have another human write them for you. Don’t rely on a piece of software.

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– Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent –


  1. Dan,

    You are so right about using software that writes articles for you or spins articles.

    True content is what people really want not some computer generated junk that might or might not be factually true.

  2. This sounds as if it was outsourced to an ESL student in India, as is what most discount article writing companies do. They charge you roughly 15 bucks for 3 versions of one article, and they pay their writers a very small portion of that.

    Just write your own articles and save yourself the humiliation.

  3. I like Jimmys comment. If you are too lazy to write your own content you shouldn’t even bother with article marketing. I see this as hurting you more than helping you.

  4. Oh the insanity! It boggles my mind how in the excitement of speed and automation, we forget that there are real people reading our content!

    I have yet to find a quality article spinner or auto blog software that you can set and forget but really, what kind of brand image are you sending by publishing çr@p like that anyway.

    Gotta look at the bigger picture folks. Are quick clicks and high bounce rates really worth it? I think not.

  5. Being yourself and being transparent is so much more valuable. People can relate to a real person. You’ve got to build relationships instead of chasing the fast money. A small responsive group of readers that know, like and trust you is invaluable.


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