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How to Go Emerald and Diamond in A Quixtar System


According to a handout I recently received, here are a few things you need to do in order to move on to Emerald or Diamond in A Quixtar System line of sponsorship associated with Quixtar. As you read through these actual quotes, think about how many of them relate to:

1. Buying Tools, i.e Books, Tapes, Voicemail
2. Attending Functions
3. Minimizing Creative Thinking

“Double your tool stock. Double your flow”

“If you don’t have the material to give out to your new people, you are failing them”

“Get to the point that when someone opens your trunk that your proud to show them your stock”

“Having tools will motivate you even more to show the plan and get them in people’s hands so they can learn”

“You should be moving as many special order tapes as tapes of the weeks in your groups”

“Work in the system, not on the system”

“The worst thing you can you can do for your business is to pick and choose within the system”

“Don’t create, duplicate”

“VOICECOM is SO important”

“We don’t listen to enough tapes…”

“Increase your relatability by reading books in the system, and you will have many more power players on your team”

“Professionals will read and promote reading in their entire group”

“Promote and focus on attendance of all opens”

I’ll end with this one…manipulation at it’s finest:

“None of this applies if you just want to get by. This information is for champions only”

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  1. You seem to forget what makes the ToD successful- duplication. If all we have is a bunch of people running around making the same mistakes over and over again, then nothing is accomplished. If they are all just trying whatever they want, then they will almost invariably fail, and that leads to bitterness and resentment, as (though they did not do what they were supposed to) they tend to think the system failed them, rather than that they failed the system.

    The leaders now know what Works. They have Done it. Their goal now is to get others to do it too. To do so, they need to have others learn from Their mistakes, not their own. Many of their personal stories relate to that, as (if you have access to these things, as it seems) you should know. How do they have successful duplication? 1) Tools. By having others Learn from them, so they can do what is needed to have success themselves, and have the knowledge they have gained provide benefit to more people than themselves. 2) Making others understand that the whole point of this is not for a bunch of people to get together and run around doing whatever, but for people to work together to succeed. It is encouraged, if ideas are had for ways to improve, that they go to your uplines, so those who have Had success, who Know what works, can talk about it. It is entirely possible you have a better idea. But instead of running off on your own and just trying it willy nilly, it is encouraged you do what we Know will work, and let the leaders work on the innovation and growth part, with input from others of course. That way, your chances of success are maximized.

    What is the other common problem? People get disheartened, and leave before having a chance to succeed. They do not "stick it out", and end up merely paying a price, without getting the reward at the end. How truly tragic that is. How do we hope to prevent this? How do we hope to give them the full chance they deserve to have success? Functions. They build belief, allow a chance for education, and let people see the success that has already occurred. People regularly attending functions are more likely to succeed at the business, as are those who take advantage of tools. No one is trying to "trick" people into going to functions or using tools. Those things are there because they Help Others Succeed. By raising the success rate, they raise the amount Their Downlines make, which 'happens' to raise the amount They make.

    It is a business expense, one that is incurred in the hope of allowing them to build a more successful business. Duplication is a principle of business encouraged, again, in the hopes for greater success. Yes, tools and functions are encouraged. Yes, duplication is favored over innovation. So?


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