Ann Sieg has been ahead of the curve since I first got to know her in 2007.

I bet you would have liked to be in Ann’s inner circle back then…

  • When she wrote her best selling book, “7 Great Lies”.
  • When she began using Google Adwords to generate hundreds of leads a day.
  • When she (along with Mike Dillard) pioneered a concept called “The Funded Proposal” in the Network Marketing space.

Now Ann is doing it all over again in the e-commerce space with Amazon, eBay, drop shipping strategies.

And she is doing a webinar for us, explaining the details tonight:

I never claimed to be a genius, but I did pay attention to what Ann was doing in 2007 and because of that, I earned $105,915.71 in commissions from her Renegade System alone (not including other affiliate commissions directly connected) as of July 31st.

So when Ann called me about this e-commerce strategy, I woulda felt pretty stupid to ignore what she was telling me, don’t you think?

When my daughter Emma was 7, she thought the “S Word” stood for STUPID and since then I have been hesitant to use the word, but here’s the reality:

This is kind of a “stupid test”.  If you are looking to make money online, but have been ignoring this e-commerce strategy and never jumped on Ann’s webinar…well…(to quote Forest Gump’s Mama: “Stupid is as stupid does”.