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iJango denies Ponzi Scam Allegations


By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

An Internet startup company from Texas is denying allegations from the
Better Business Bureau that it's offering an illegal pyramid scheme.

The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota issued a
public warning to consumers about the iJango Network on Aug. 21 after
its ads appeared in the area. On Wednesday night, the company

The Austin, Texas-based company "adamantly denies the allegations" and
says it's following a "proven network marketing business model."

Spokeswoman Susan Risdon says the company helps its distributors set up
iJango Web sites that generate advertising revenue and those
distributors are rewarded for getting other people to set up similar


  1. Oh my….

    First Rayner Smith…
    "…the only promise the business makes is to pay for the recruitment of registered customers and the recruitment of others to do the same."

    And now Susan Risdon…
    "…and those distributors are rewarded for getting other people to set up similar sites."

    Hey Susan, I think you just said the same thing that Rayner said. You just tried to put a better spin on it. And failed.

    iJango has no advertising income Susan. It has no partnerships with Google, Microsoft, Rhapsody, iTunes, Kmart, WalMart, Walgreens, Bobs 5 and Dime or anyone else.

    It's all lies and you've been caught!

    The BBB has asked for proof of the claims iJango has made and, (just like here), a defensive reaction and an attempt to divert the subject onto their "proven network marketing business model".. Whatever that is.. And still no answers to the BBB's questions!

    All the BBB, (and the rest of us) want to see is some kind of proof that iJango has the partnerships / agreements that it claims to have and the patent/pending number for verification of the patent you claim to have.

    Why not just present that information and be done with it?

    Clearly, iJango has neither!

    A networking business that has no product and pays for recruiting is illegal!

    iJango has no product and pays for recruiting! That makes it an illegal pyramid/ponzi scam.

    It as simple as that folks…

    Best to all


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