Just got a tip from a reader about an article that shows that Linkshare has terminated iJango.  This is pretty big news because many of iJango's affiliates come from Linkshare.  Once the Texas Attorney General has a look at the revenues created by iJango's model vs the amount of money paid out for recruiting it will be all over for iJango.

I told you all I would share any new information I received about iJango after last night’s story. 

Late yesterday, I received an email from LinkShare. LinkShare is the company that iJango used to find e-retailers who agreed to share revenues when iJango customers buy their products through the iJango portal. 

iJango’s attorney sent me a list of about 200 retailers that have agreed to share revenues through LinkShare. When I contacted LinkShare to confirm the information, a spokesperson sent me this statement: 

“At LinkShare, we take these kinds of issues very seriously. Once we became aware of the activities taking place, we terminated all accounts associated with iJango. iJango’s use of LinkShare’s technology in no way implies our endorsement of their activities or business model. Our internal quality team continuously monitors our vast network closely in order to respond to members that are not in compliance with the agreement they signed with us. LinkShare is committed to providing quality services to all members within our network, and works to ensure that level is maintained at all times.” 

The same LinkShare representative told me that they can’t go into detail about how iJango was “not in compliance” or explain exactly why their account was terminated.