By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

I wonder why the iJango hucksters don't allow media in their meetings. Could it be they don't want their elaborate scam revealed?

From KFOX:

The Better Business Bureau said a company named iJango is recruiting in El Paso, and its operations may be a scam.The Austin-based company held a meeting at the Embassy Suites in El Paso Thursday.

A KFOX crew stopped by but was told the media was not allowed inside.

Better Business Bureau of El Paso president Margaret Perez said that is not the only action that's raising red flags.
"It's a recipe to lose your money," said Perez.

Perez said the BBB suspects iJango is really a pyramid scheme."A pyramid scheme is when the focus is on recruiting more people under you, and that's how you're getting your money," said Perez.

According to a BBB's report, iJango asks consumers to pay an upfront fee of $50 to join, but recommends buying a package for $149.95 with a monthly maintenance fee of $19.95. The report said iJango then claims the consumer will make money by inviting your friends and family to use iJango."Supposedly, you're going to be making commissions from people that go to your portal," said Perez. "And then go from there to shop on the Internet."A promotional video on iJango's Web site makes a tempting offer to make money easily.

The company's Twitter page has more than 1,100 followers. The page said iJango's company chairman would be in El Paso Thursday, and it explains that iJango is "a web portal that allows you to access all your favorite sites from one central location."

The BBB contacted sites like Google, Rhapsody and iTunes that iJango claims to be affiliated with, but those all those companies said they are not.

The BBB has given iJango a "F" rating, which is the lowest possible.

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