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iJango Shutdown and iJango Lawsuit?


I am seeing some search activity in the MLM Blog stats that suggest people are search for:

"iJango Shutdown" and iJango Lawsuit"

I haven't seen any news about this. 

Feel free to chime in if you know anything.
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  1. IJANGO Shut down by lack of system testing!

    "Welcome to iJango, the Center of the Online Universe!

    We are temporarily experiencing issues with our hosting solution’s ability to expand their
    bandwidth to accommodate our growth.
    Thank you for your patience as we transfer to our new hosting solution."

    Went down on the 1st… Still down on the 3rd!

    Great job guys! Way to keep that online universe up and running!

  2. Looks like their still down today.

    I'll bet those fortune 500 partners are REALLY impressed. I can't understand why Google and Microsoft aren't in there helping them out…. Hmmmm…

    I love the "Blame it on the hosting provider" message…

    Class act their guys…

    Best to all!

  3. Check out the link below. It's the buisness model for iJango. This is a simple Publisher/Affliate Network relationship with Link Share. Not sure that iJango has any direct relatioships with retailers. At this point they all come through Link Share.

    Anyone with a website could do exactly what iJango is offering.

    My only questions is how does the compensation plan work. How are commission paid upline?


  4. A few days ago, I inquired to Google about the aledged partnership with ijango.

    I got a reply today from Google Press stating quite emphatically that "Google is in no way affiliated with IJANGO". Further, Google's trademark dept. is investigating multiple issues concerning IJANGO. (No doubt they have taken offense at all the hype and lies that have been spammed all over the net)!

    More news as it becomes available.

    Best To All!


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