Here's more on the ongoing YTB Travel saga from No Travel MLMs Blog:

Contrary to what some of the commenters on this blog (and others)
think, this lawsuit has a lot more teeth and is asking for fines that
will dwarf what was asked for and received by California.

If found guilty, a verdict could cost YTB over half a billion dollars. If you read the filing, you need to note that there are two separate counts.
The Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan is charging that YTB
violated the Consumer Fraud Act (Section 2A2) and also violated the
act  a second time for unfair and deceptive acts or practices.

In each of these counts, the State is seeking fines of $50,000 per violation, legal fees, plus restitution. Now at the end of 2007, YTB reported that there were 5720 RTAs in Illinois.

So, if the AG is successful, YTB is facing $285 million per count, plus complete restitution of all costs to each RTA.  Do the math.

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