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Incredible Corporate Greed At Bazi XELR8


I just received a message from a (former) Bazi rep who is very angry with the Colorado based company.  First, the company tells it’s Network Marketing distributors that they can no longer earn Network Marketing income on their downline team that they worked so hard to build, then the company has the nerve to solicit it’s (former) associates to sell online for them as an "ambassador" which is a fancy word for "affiliate".

Further, the company decides to launch a 2 oz. sample bottle (something former reps have been asking about for a long time).  Previously, Bazi reps were giving away full bottles as samples which the company seemed to have no problem promoting.

I have nothing against the Bazi product, in fact I have heard good things about it.  I actually tried it once and…well…it did not taste good.  In my opinion, Bazi has a slim chance of survival without the personal stories and face to face sales that Network Marketing is famous for.

Good news is the company is public and traded on the OTC…we can easily report the results of this fiasco as it unfolds.

Godspeed to the former Bazi reps who are out looking for a new opportunity.


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