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Innovation in Network Marketing


One thing I believe is lacking in the world of Network Marketing is innovation. It seems like people get so bogged down with duplicating proven systems, (that usually don’t work for the average person), that they forget to use their own brains.

I want to introduce you to a true innovator in the world of Network Marketing, his name is Dave Stone. Dave is the author of MLM Today and a number of other blogs related to Network Marketing and his Passport business

Dave’s new site is such an innovation that I believe it has the potential to attract people to Network Marketing that would have never considered such a thing in the past. I talk a lot about bringing Network Marketing out of resistance and into acceptance and in order to do that we must be innovative.

Dave is taking on a problem head on and offering a potential solution. There is a lot we can learn from that concept alone. Be a problem solver not a business/product pimp.

Have a look at Dave’s innovation here: http://helpschools.blogspot.com

If you would like to hear more from Dave, he is offering a free conference call on Internet Marketing for your Network Business on Thurday, January 13th, 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific Time. Just dial 712-824-4000 and enter code 160615#.

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  1. Ty,

    Let me begin by first saying Thank You for such kind and supportive words of praise. To be honest, I am a bit overwhelmed but appreciative nonetheless.

    I don't consider myself very innovative but rather, I am fortunate to find myself in the company of those that are and who offer encouragement to run with some of the goofy ideas that percolate.

    I'm just peddling as fast as I can.

    Thanks again.



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