Seems a little mlm hocus-pocus, but you can judge for yourself, is CieAura an MLM Scam?

From the web site:

The CieAura Transparent Holographic Chip™ – employs a revolutionary technological approach to the re-alignment of two of the body’s most important functions… the Human Life Functions and the Immune System Functions. Once these functions are re-aligned to where they should be for your given age, the immune system’s ability to perform the removal of pathogens in the human body (Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi) is enhanced.

There seems to be a connection between the management of a company called LifeWave and (from another source):

In the meantime, those who look at the new pretender to the throne , CieAura, will see an amazing similarity to the LifeWave management offshoot company

As we know, Warren Hanchey was reported, by Joel in September 2007, to have come up with a similar range of products to LifeWave but using holographic discs.

“Warren Hanchey has the following catalog of SCAM “holographic data disc” products:

1. An “action” disc (for improved strength and endurance),
2. A sleep inducing disc,
3. A weight loss disc, and
4. A pain relief disc

That sounds like an exact copy of LifeWave’s SCAM product catalog. How low is this guy Hanche(y)? I mean, he has to SCAM people using his former employer’s SCAM playbook almost exactly.

What’s next, Hanchey? A DefenseDisc that gives a surgery free face lift and protects against malaria and hearing loss, and restores eyesight, just like LifeWave?”

Here we are a almost 2 years later with an upstart company selling a similar product.

How many more will jump on the bandwagon?

So what do you think?