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Efusjon Going Out of Business?


Multiple sources are telling me that MLM energy drink company, Efusjon is either going out of business or removing the Network Marketing portion of their business in the very near future.  One source says today, several say no later than the end of the month.

Efusjon had some tremendous growth based on a bunch of hype and lies related to a “partnership” with Facebook.

More as it rolls in.

Update: I placed a call to Efusjon and the customer service person would not comment on whether they are going out of business.  When I asked to speak to someone who would comment, she said that she would take my number and see if they wanted to call me back.

I didn’t notice any surprise in her voice when the question was asked.

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  1. Wow that’s crazy.

    But at the same time, definitely saw it coming like yourself. I will say during the height of its hype frenzy they almost hooked me in.

    That was probably the biggest bubble I’ve seen pop haha.

    Well… there will be a lot of deplaced networkers soon…

  2. It is sad to see a company go out of business, even if it has been acting shady. Those are peoples dreams getting crushed.

    I think people need to listen to what the company is saying then look behind the curtain to see if the wizard is actually there.

  3. Well said, Bob. People should look behind the curtain, but so often in this industry there is little or no opportunity to do so. There is an “us vs. them” mentality at a lot of MLM companies The result is people feeling burned when their company changes in an unfavorable way, or worse, goes out of business.

    This business model can be very rewarding and truly effective for people, so long as they can find a company with the right culture–one of transparency, honesty, hard work, and cooperation with the field.


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