1. Anon,

    Knock yourself out.

    Defamation has to do with false claims that cause damage. If you didn't notice, I made no false claims. I simply reported what I heard and clearly (in bold) pointed out that it was only a rumor, and therefore not confirmed as news.

  2. Hey did Mark and Amy Slaughter sell their IBO Emeraldship? If yes what are they doing now?

    I don't see Marty Waugh's name listed on BWW or LTD anymore what happened to him? I tried calling him months ago and no answer.


    JOseph Lowe

  3. Marty Waugh used to be Joe Markiewicz's office manager, and also worked with the LTD office, so I find it hard to believe he is no longer part of the LTD system. LTD and BWW have legally split, with supposedly "no hard feelings". Did the Slaughters sell their business? They were some of Larry Winters super-stars and "adopted" by years ago.

  4. I remember having posted here about four days ago. It seems that what I wrote is gone. This development clarifies it even more that you are actively and happily engaging in and promoting rumors as facts. Just to summarize, you have been warned of legal repercussions given your continuing conduct. It seems that this message has scared you and that is why you have deleted it. Deleting a message will not prevent you from landing in a court of justice. You have been warned.

  5. Joseph Lowe, with all due respect, whether I am or not a lawyer is beyond a reasonable argument unless you seek to create a case surrounding the credibility of the third party. Personally, I can not comment on Larry's intentions behind his teachings. However, you sound very entertaining and I would reconsider how credible your entertainment is after all before concluding Larry's real motives.
    Ty Tribble, your statement that comments received from anonymous addresses are deleted because of being anonymous in nature is hilarious beyond reasonable doubt in view of you having and continuing to allow sources that although not necessarily originating from anonymous addresses both, post and present themselves as such under the name "anonymous" as evidenced on December 13, 2007 by both, you and the anonymous party. Therefore, your statement serves up as an excuse independent of the rumor like nature of the information you host on this site which to my understanding, is owned and operated by you.
    For your information, I am not Larry's personal attorney. Nevertheless, I do acknowledge the libelous potential your site has towards the affected party. We can define libel as legal claim by one for any false statement of fact which are specially statements or visual depictions in written or other permanent form against him to others. The statement must be defamatory. As such, it is not necessary for a plaintiff to show that he was in fact lowered in the eyes of others and suffered loss as a result, only that the statement was of a type which tended to do so. Given your potential to open up yourself to liability and regulatory actions as per your actions, I would recommend that you do withdraw your statements and that you do focus on something more productive in your own life. I hate to say this but should you be heading to court on charges of defamation on libelous grounds, the expenses you would enquire in punitive damages would not be worth your time and sanity.

  6. Hey Barnes,

    I am guessing you are an attorney? Wow LArry has changed a bit since I was being taught by him. He used to teach suing is for broke people.

    All the best.

    Joseph Lowe

  7. Hey Barnes,

    Please don't church up your talk. Just shoot straight. I asked a simple question because I was just interested. I could care less about this whole matter.

    Barnes I don't want to get in the middle because I could really care about either's parties intentions toward each other. But I do have a question. If you are not Larry's personal attorney (which you now have recorded publicly) then what interest do you have in threatening a lawsuit against Ty for "defamation of character"? Also how do you represent or speak for someone that you are not legally hired to speak for? It seems you kind of told on yourself maybe?

    Joseph Lowe

  8. This is exciting! I check here often to see if it has hit the fan yet at the Winters house. However the Lowe vs. Barnes fued is way more enjoyable! Happy New Year!

  9. Ty,

    I think Barnes is just "jerking your chain". A REAL Lawyer wouldn't use such stupidly "legalese" sounding drivel.

    Sounds more like someone who watched a few
    Law and Order episodes and has delusions of lawyer-ing.

    The idea of you being legally liable for reporting FACTS (that people are searching a specific topic) is ridiculous. Of course anyone can sue anyone for an reason, so I won't go so far as to say you CAN'T get sued. I am only saying it would be a waste of time to do so.

  10. Update for Everyone: Larry and Pam Winters are doing well. The LTD team is growing and going strong as ever. There are no problems with the name change back to Amway, which has a 50+year reputation for good, high quality products. Furthermore, I’m sure ya’ll have seen the TV commercials, ads, and even the new Amway Arena(home of the Orlando Magic, NBA basketball team). In conclusion, things are going exceptionally well for the Winters family, the LTD team, and Amway. If you have a dream, and are willing to commit to it, join LTD and see what you can achieve.


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