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Is MonaVie A Unique Product?


In my soon to be released book on The 5 Key Essentials In Picking A Network Marketing Company, I talk about products. Having a unique product is vital for long term success in Network Marketing.  That point apparently rubbed a MonaVie representative the wrong way.

After I offered my opinion about MonaVie, I was told that I didn’t know anything and that no product compares with MonaVie in the marketplace which lead me do a little research where I found a comparison of MonaVie with a product called Perfect Acai. 

I have no affiliation with Perfect Acai (or MonaVie), but I thought the information presented was interesting:

From PowerSupplements:

How much Acai is in your product?

Perfect Acai contains 1,000mg (1 gram) of 100% freeze dried Sambazon Organic Acai per serving. There are 60 servings in a bottle. Most clients do 2 servings a day, so they get 2 grams of Acai per day and 1 bottle last 30 days.

MonaVie™ Juice:
Unknown. Monavie is a proprietary blend of 19 fruits and there is no way to know how much Acai is in each serving.

What is the source of your Acai?

Perfect Acai exclusively uses Sambazon 100% Freeze Dried Organic Acai. Sambazon Acai is Fairly Traded. Sambazon Acai is certified organic and is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

MonaVie™ Juice:
Unknown. A review of the Monavie website and promotional material does not state where they purchase their Acai from.

What is the price per serving of your product?

One serving is 2 capsules and there are 120 capsules in a bottle. One bottle is $39.95 and if you buy 3 bottles the price drops down to $29.95 a bottle. One serving of Perfect Acai will cost between 50 and 67 cents.

MonaVie™ Juice:
One bottle of Monavie juice is 25.35 ounces and cost about $45. One serving is 2 ounces. The cost per serving of the Monavie juice is about $3.55.

To be fair, MonaVie has other juices plus the active version contains glucosamine.  In my research I also found dozens of comparable Acai liquid products, similar to MonaVie.  You can see these on Google.


  1. With all due respect, the source you are quoting is obviously a thinly veiled editorial style ad site for Perfect Acai. I am not saying anything negative about that product, but making a comparison between these companies is really not possible.

    One product consists of one ingredient, and the other contains over 20 (the active blend). It's like making a comparison between a great violinist and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. No matter how good the violinist is, they simply cannot create the kind of music the Orchestra can. It is the harmony of the blend that is so important, and MV understands that.

    For the record, your source claims that MV doesn't reveal where they get their acai, but that is not the case. They have an exlusive, very public arrangement with Opti-acai. Google that and you'll see that this is the purest and most nutrient-rich form of acai available on the market.

    If anyone would like further information on the product, company or opportunity, please feel free to contact me. I won't feed you a hyped-up line of BS. I will simply help you educate yourself and then you can decide what is best for you and your needs.

  2. I am excited about all these new fruit juices that have come out. I may need to buy a bigger refrigerator!

    I have tried very many of them and felt great short term and some long term effects from some. I am not affiliated with any, and I really like many for different reasons. So far, I have tried Xango, Goji, and Bazi. I am curious to buy a bottle of Perfect Acai and Monavie, contact me at our site if you would like to sell me a bottle.

    In my experience, Xango's taste was the best. The long term uses of Xango was a very nice feeling of wellbeing, and full health. Goji, I don’t have much to say about that. Bazi gave me incredible and almost immediate energy with no crash.

    If you are IN the juice business, I would highly recommend you try and sample all other juices, educate yourself…

    Be well.

    Anders Gustavsson
    Infinite Synergy, Creators of MLM The Game

  3. I have news for you. It's not what's in the bottle, it's how much money you can make off it. It may as well be orange juice. If you can get enough people to pay $45 a bottle per week you'll have a six figure anual income in six months, and a seven figure anual income in a year.

  4. That is very short sighted news…if you are banking on that, your passive income will also be short lived.

    The product, its ingredients, its patents, leadership in company, and marketing plan are all vital to long term passive income.

    Especially in a recession, the majority of people will not pay for a sub par product over the long term.

    Be well, and good luck marketing!

    Anders Gustavsson
    Infinite Synergy, Creators of MLM The Game

  5. There are so many different health related juice products out there that finding the right one for any particular person is nearly impossible. Also there is allot more to it than the different ingredients.

    There is also a synergy effect in some of these products. The sum of some of the ingredients make up more in health benefits than the sum of the ingredients.

    If you are taking fruit juice for the health benefits, in addition to the ingredients, you need to look at independent testimonials and independent research done by certified research institutes.

    If you are taking fruit juice because you are building a downline with the company selling the fruit juice…then you can pretty much pick and choose. The vast majority of them are good for you in one way or another.

    Besides, many of these companies have payplans that really suck…and they also have stuff in their Policies & Procedures that you need to look out for to avoid having your paycheck stolen from you by the company after you built it.

    THAT is the important stuff when you build a business in MLM.


  6. I do not know much about the mlm aspect of ACAI, but I know that acai is a great source of nutrition and energy. It has receieved so much attention lately that even Oprah speaks of the benefits

  7. As far as I am concerned these juice companies are a dime a dozen these days and when they start appearing on the shelves of big box stores (like some are)all distributors are in trouble. You need a unique product that stands out from the crowd, a protected product with scientific data to back it up. Then you have the ingredients for long term success. I am not saying these "juice deals" are bad they are beneficial but as far as business goes? Perhaps some of them will be bought out by the larger more successful companies?

    my two cents,

  8. There are a lot of juices out there, some good some not so good. I've been a label reader all my life. When ever a new product comes out MLM or not, I look at the ingredients and nutritional values.

    Do yourself a favor and learn to understand what you're looking at. If 8 out 10 ingredients are fruit concentrates then you indeed have a bottle of "juice".

    As far as pay plans that's another subject. If you find a functional beverage that you like and have good results with by all means keep drinking it.

    There's always a product that has a little more "stuff" in it.

  9. OK, I'll go with which one tastes better then. Thanks Ty for this post.

  10. I just hope that Orrin & his "followers" all get what they deserve! Big Mistake on their end. That's what you get for being unethical! HAHA~

  11. For the record, "Orrin & His Followers" will be way better off in most any company outside of Quixtar.

  12. yeah well you can blog all you want but time will tell. He's a liar & no matter what company he goes to & not a leader. He can believe it but the facts of him using people all these years is the truth. He ruined a lot of people's lives & took a lot of unnecessary money from people too. what goes around comes around. There are a lot of good people w/in the quixtar/amway corporation & he was never one of them. All Ego that's it! Let's wait to see where everything falls in the future no one can say or predict anything! Other than "white" people all other people have no problem building a successful & profitable business w/ the corporation….isn't that funny! They don't sit and waste time like "white" people! Look @ the Korean, HUGE Spanish, Indian Organizations nothing bad going on there…..let's just see instead of living a life of negativity like this website has! I never find anything positive about any company on here…why is that??? Talk about only talking about my company is better than yours….that's all you see! Let's see in the future that's all anyone can do anyway. Everyone should just be ethical & honest w/ whatever business they choose!

  13. I have a question about your leadership & training since you are "for the people"

    What if I wanted to come to your training & conferences & build an Amway business or any other Network Marketing business but yours……would you allow it?

    Thanks in advance for your response!

  14. Don't waste your money on MonaVie. Although acai is a great juice, you'd get more antioxidants in a glass of Welch's Concord Grape juice. Do your research, don't be scammed. Don't drain your pocketbook. The following study is a comparison of the antioxidant potencies in various juices:

    Seeram NP, Aviram M, Zhang Y, Henning SM, Feng L, Dreher M, Heber D. Comparison of antioxidant potency of commonly consumed polyphenol-rich beverages in the United States. J Agric Food Chem. 2008 Feb 27;56(4):1415-22.


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