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Is Trump Network Going Out Of Business?


The MLM Rumor Mill

I am kicking off today with the rumor mill.  First I heard that there was some type of merger talks between Trump Network and Tom Mower’s (formerly of Neways) Sisel.

But now it appears to be an exodus of field leaders from Trump Network to Sisel, sources tell me.

Either way, it’s not good news for Trump Network.  The company started out strong (on Trump’s name) but as I predicted, (see the truth about Trump Network) the Trump sizzle wasn’t enough.

MLM – Network Marketing Industry News and Links

Vemma signs Extreme Makeover’s Chris Powell to endorse the company’s new Vemma Bod-e weight loss solution.

Vemma founder and CEO, BK Boreyko commented:

“A great deal of research and science has been incorporated into the products, and we are thrilled to have Chris Powell’s endorsement.”

And To All Female MLM Blog Readers: your welcome for the pic. = ) 

In other MLM news, Tahitian Noni is changing their name (sort of).

“Tahitian Noni International will officially change its name in the US to Morinda, with the tagline, Bioactives. John Wadsworth, president of TNI stated, “The new name stays true to our noni roots (since Morinda citrifolia is the scientific name for noni), while broad enough to capture the new bioactives vision. The name Morinda symbolizes everything that this company represents–past, present, and future.”

Morinda has always been the name of the parent company of Tahitian Noni so it’s sort of a change of official branding.

Ted Nuyten of Business for Home (who would also like you to know that he is from the Netherlands) visited the Organo Gold convention in Las Vegas to “get first hand information and documented facts” about the company and income claims.

Some industry experts questioned Nuyten’s published reports of these claims and I’m not sure these questions were really answered in Nuyten’s latest article.

I didn’t see any “documented facts” about the incomes.  Mostly hype about being on track to hit a million distributors and big cardboard checks.

By the way, I like Ted Nuyten, he is doing a great job with his site and his reporting on the industry, but I am wondering if he is being a little swayed to overlook the “documented facts” by charismatic executives in this case. I just don’t see anything really documented in his article about Organo Gold.

Personal Development – Building A Better You

Seth Godin often (inadvertently) speaks directly to Network Marketers.  In this blog post he is talking about whether you sit and wait for a sale or whether you sell.

Here’s a take on email autoresponders from outside of our industry. [from CopyBlogger]

Personal development consists of becoming a better person in all areas of our lives, right?  Here are 10 Reasons Why Your Kids Think You Are No Fun specifically for Dads.

The Ty Tribble Take (Commentary)

I am kind of surprised that it took Tahitian Noni so long to distance itself from the word “Noni”.  If you’ve never tried noni juice, it pretty much tastes like melted tires mixed with prune juice. No, I’m not kidding.

The Trump vs. Sisel stuff is pretty interesting.  I suspect we will have more news from those two companies in the near future.

Lastly, let’s talk about big cardboard checks for a second.  Personally, I love seeing people cross the stage with a big fat check in hand.  However, just because a number is written on the front of those big cardboard checks, doesn’t mean that the person carrying the check has actually earned that money (yet).

Many companies pay out these large sums of money over time, yet it is also the habit of some companies (one in particular) to create a big fat cardboard check as soon as someone has qualified (month one or close to it) even though they pay out the money over a a year or more.


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  1. Interesting stuff, never would have thought that the Trump thing would fizzle out. With Mr T putting his name to it all that really should have done it.

    Wonder what’s going to happen next. I’ll stay tuned


  2. Thanks for the updates Ty – you do a great job – there’s a lot to be said for the long term solid companies that continue to help and enrich a lot of folks without hoopla …

  3. I loved Is Trump Network Going Out Of Business, you and a handful are talking about this and it tied it to my the attack on Capitalism bog- so I linked you. Have a great weekend Thank you am loving reading your stuff and your course.

    Take Care Sandy.

  4. Based on the mlmwall, this blog post first to report on the Trump Network news. “Brain Drain” is hard to stop once momentum occurs. It does not matter what type of company, but it means that there are better opportunities elsewhere and the people are voting with their feet. Thanks for also linking to your previous post in 2010.


  5. I’ve taken a look at both comp plans and I don’t understand why anyone would choose either, but I digress. Mr. Trump had the where with all to recognize MLM as one of the best ways for the average American to make serious, legitimate money. Unfortunately , his compensation plan and product line doesn’t compare to other similar lines in the industry. He should have looked at some of the 5 or 10 year old companies and tried to model more closely their formulas for success. Happy and fortunate I picked a winner in this race , health and wellness network marketing is certainly competitive !

  6. Hi Ty,

    Curious, why is Isagenix on the the more difficult to build binaries? There’s seems to be a lot of people having some great success there right now.


    • I built a binary to it’s highest level faster than anyone in a company of 50,000 people, so I’m not just spouting off here. For the big leader who brings huge influence and lots of people, it’s easy to build quickly, but if you are the average person…good luck. It takes 900 points to cycle in Isagenix and that cycle pays out around $50. Now if people are getting started (buying $500 to $1000 packages) then cycling is pretty easy and big leaders can show people big fat checks, but I would bet a dollar that no one is showing their check from month 3 or 4.

  7. Ty…Nope, the Trump Network is not going out of biz…been here two years out of Arbonne… Bringing in new partner to solidify operational aspects.. Larry Nusbaum is leading a group to take control of operations..bigger and better than ever.. Adding products, and will be expanding our influence in coming months…Mower…was in negotiations but if you google him you’ll probably reason for yourself why the owners decided not to go his way… Google Nusbaum and you can see why the field is so excited…Some of top field moving ?? LOL… probably shouldn’t comment on that… might be considered rude…


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