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isXperia Review: Are You About To Get Scammed?


IsXperia: A Comprehensive Review

IsXperia is an MLM business company that have been making a lot of buzz in the MLM industry. You may be thinking twice if you are going to join or not. You may be interested in finding out more information about this company. Well, this article will be a comprehensive isXperia review and we will discuss various factors of the company, such as leadership, products and compensation plans, which are important in the success or failure of an MLM company.

IsXperia Products

This company has a variety of products being offered such as travel packages, web design service, skin care and health products and other health care packages. Some of their products are:

• Boyskin – a skin product
• Vital Expression – energy supplements
• Body Xpression – for cellulite treatment
• XpressSunTravel – for those who wants to become a travel agent
• Id180 – an enterprise that will build a site for you, good for those aspirants who wants to bring their businesses online

They also offer hosting service and web design for an upfront fee of $989.95 and $49.95 every month for hosting.

isXperia: The Company

IsXperia is network marketing company that started operating on 2007 and is based in Ft. Myers, FL. The company was founded by Christopher and his wife Gina Bratta, Christopher being the CEO of the company. Both of them have been distributors in various direct sales companies selling nutritional products for more than 17 years. They were able to earn millions being distributors and they like other people to experience the same things that they did.

Another member of the executive team of isXperia is Jason Camper, president of the company. He is a 12 year professional when it comes to Direct Sales and Network Marketing Industry. 

Michael Bratta is the current Chief Operating Officer and had been experienced in this field for more than 25 years. His broad knowledge and experience in management and operations make him a very important asset of the company.

There are other members of the executive team such as Maria Tunis, Director of Marketing and Training; Shelley Story-Mattesich, Assistant to President and CEO; Cheryl Thirtyacre, Events Manager; and Frank De La Rosa, Shipping Manager. With all these member of the executive team, under their leadership, isXperia can really be successful in the MLM industry.

IsXperia Compensation Plan

The company offers seven ways in which you can earn money. You can earn 5-25% commission for all retail sales. You are also qualified for the bonus pool, a pool of money that is collected from portions of all start-up costs. There are also fast start bonus, Xperia pool and lifestyle bonus.

The company uses the “Flex Pay Plan” for its compensation. This is a binary system, the same with almost all MLM companies. For every $500 GBV, you will receive an override commission of $30.

The basic starter kit costs $49.95 and the premium kit costs $99.95. In order to qualify for bonuses, you must be a member of the auto-ship product every month.

IsXperia Training

You must have a vast knowledge about internet marketing in order to succeed in this business. A personalized replicated website provided by the company will help you market and promote the products but it will not mean that you will be successful. You must be the one to generate leads for potential customers.

Those if you who are looking to take your isXperia business to another level might want to have a look at Smart Suite by PixelGigs, a collection of tools that are perfectly suited for marketing an isXperia business.

You can definitely earn money in isXperia the same with in other MLM companies out there. The main ingredient is marketing yourself and your products. Learn how to utilize the maximum potential of the internet in marketing.


  1. Great review! Personally, I’ve never heard of this company and it’s just as well. Sounds complicated. I wonder how good the upline support is.

    Is there any information on the autoship options for the physical products? If they’re like most companies, you probably already have to be rich to afford it.

    And does the $49 per month hosting package come with a widget that turns lead into gold? If not, I’ll stick with my $7.95/month plan that comes with unlimited everything.

    Seeing this makes me thankful that I found a network marketing company that is tailored just as much for newbies as seasoned veterans and no costly autoship.

    Thanks for the info.

  2. I joined IsXperia as a free member a few months back and have yet to upgrade. I did not know about the cost of the website and hosting. I was considering the upgrade, not so sure now that you shared more information about the possible costs. Thanks for the post!


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