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It’s Fun To Amway at the YMCA?


Quixtar Ada-tudes: A View from the Top : Amway Global and the YMCA of the USA

We’ve been talking for quite some time about the significant investment we’re making in raising public awareness of our business, the opportunity we support, and the products we offer. Now that you’ve seen our multi-million dollar advertising campaign, direct response marketing, and the high-profile sponsorship of Tina Turner’s North American tour, I hope it’s evident we’re making significant investments in our brands.

We’re devoting tremendous time, energy, and resources to increasing awareness and understanding of Quixtar North America / Amway Global.

We’re also truly committed to helping people improve their health and wellness, as demonstrated by our Nutrilite brand’s “Best of Nature, Best of Science, Best of You” philosophy, and that’s why I’m especially excited about our newest big announcement. We’re joining forces with the YMCA of the USA to support the YMCA’s efforts to build healthier communities across America. Not only will we be reaching millions of Americans — the nation’s 2,686 YMCAs serve 21 million people each year – with the Amway Global name, we’ll actually help people take steps to improve their health and wellness.

Through this collaboration, we will:

— support Activate America®, the YMCA’s response to our nation’s health crisis
— fund a consumer-education campaign designed to empower people to improve their health and well-
— create targeted initiatives for teens
— offer online wellness tools for adults and families
— provide grants to support wellness events at up to 100 YMCAs during America On the Move Week
with the YMCA

There will be plenty of opportunities for Independent Business Owners to become involved this fall in this collaboration, so please stay tuned to the Opportunity Zone and IBO communication vehicles for more details.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about tying the Amway Global name to an organization as esteemed as the YMCA, while helping people build healthier lifestyles at the same time. This collaboration is truly a win-win and just one more way that we are supporting IBOs in their tireless efforts to grow their businesses.

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  1. I work at a YMCA. I actually had two WWDB IBOs come to show me "Perfect Water" that instantly gives one better balance and anti-tipping abilities. They said they were looking for physically fit people who wanted to take things to the "next level".


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