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Jackie Ulmer Launches All Things Social Online


All Things Social Online, a social media marketing agency, launches today as two women, both highly successful in global marketing, combine forces to provide help for small businesses who want to make the most of all the opportunities offered online.

Leslie Saint McLellan and Jackie Ulmer have spent the last 20+ years in marketing. McLellan as Director of Marketing and Tourism for Lake Arrowhead, CA and Ulmer as a popular Direct Sales trainer and coach. As both were doing more and more small business consulting around the world, and together as friends comparing notes, All Things Social Online was born.

All Things Social Online’s job is to “create an incredible online presence for companies,” says McLellan. “We make it so people can easily find a business online without even knowing their name.”

“We pull all of a business’s online information together, provide intense SEO for what is currently being done, fill in any gaps such as backlinks and directory listings, and enhance your presence with things like video, blogging and article marketing,” adds Ulmer. “It’s fun, it’s exciting to watch businesses go from nowhere to the front page of Google for specific keywords and know we helped make that possible.”

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– Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent –


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