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Amway Changes Name Again (3rd Time)


The one thing that many Amway Global (previously Quixtar and before that Amway)  IBO's point to is the consistency of the company. They often say things like "when all these other copycats are out of business, we'll still be here". 

What these IBO's may not realize of that "these copycats" account for over $90 Billion in sales around the globe.

Lastly, (if you want to get technical), Amway IBO's from before 1999 have been in 3 different businesses.

Amway, Quixtar (fail?) and now Amway Global.

Of course ask them what they are in and you are not likely to hear any of these company names.


  1. It seems like they have learned the hard way that changing to a completely different brand name was a bad move.

    The new name seems fine to me though implying a keenness to be a global player.


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