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Just How Warm Is Your Warm Market Anyway?


By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

One of my latest favorite websites is Very Short List. VSL is essentially short, cool emails that deliver a nugget of fascination to your in-box each day. The diamonds in the digital rough.

Here's how they put it at VSL:

Very Short List points to excellent new (and sometimes vintage)
entertainment and media that haven’t been hyped to within an inch of
their lives. Each weekday, we recommend a single gem from the vast mass
of films, TV shows, books, websites, music, and more. The focus is on
products that deserve attention but haven’t already been subject to
giant media pile-ons.

There are tons of excellent but little-known websites and Web videos
out there — things you’d love to discover and watch and use but may
never hear about and don’t have time to search for. VSL:WEB — one recommendation once a day — finds the entertaining nuggets and indispensable tools for you.

Here's today's email from VSL:

Friends come. Friends go. But according to a new study, the process is more turbulent than one might have imagined.

Utrecht University sociologist Gerald Mollenhorst asked 604 adults
about their social lives, repeated the survey seven years later, and
found that most people had replaced half of their friends over the
course of that period. Moreover, only 30 percent of the subjects’ close
friends remained close. Then again, given the turnover rate, how close could those friends have been in the first place?

This got me asking myself the question "Just How Warm Is Your Warm Market Anyway?"


  1. Interesting. So do you use this site for marketing or just for information?

    As for the warm market question.

    I've always had a hard time marketing to my warm market. Unless, you consider my warm market to be my email list and my facebook friends. If that is my warm market then I have had success with that market and am learning how to have more success with them.

    As for the traditional warm market, friends, family, etc., this market has always been tough for me. They usually don't want to hear about your opportunity. They want to sit back and see how you do first.

    Amy you also make a very good point. That's funny.


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