What I reported back in December is now official. Larry Winters has "earned the right" to have his own tools system.

Here is a portion of a Communikate voicemail message that went out today:

Leadership Team Development Announcement Audio

Britt World Wide tools are no longer available to Larry Winters Team, including this weeks Britt tool orders, that will not be shipped. In place of Britt tools are tools from Winters’ Leadership Team Development or LTD.

"Larry and his guys are forward thinkers" but "this weeks tool orders will not be shipped".

Tools Won’t Be Shipped Audio

The Leadership Team Development group currently has 5 CD’s. One CD is coming out via standing order this week and the Leadership Team is encouraging everyone to order the other 4 CD’s plus some extras this week.

I have some additional audio that relates the the promotion of the new CD’s. You will want to tune in on Monday.

Update: The voice on the Communikate message is Emerald, Greg Franics.