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Leadership Development Team – Larry Winters – Britt No More


What I reported back in December is now official. Larry Winters has "earned the right" to have his own tools system.

Here is a portion of a Communikate voicemail message that went out today:

Leadership Team Development Announcement Audio

Britt World Wide tools are no longer available to Larry Winters Team, including this weeks Britt tool orders, that will not be shipped. In place of Britt tools are tools from Winters’ Leadership Team Development or LTD.

"Larry and his guys are forward thinkers" but "this weeks tool orders will not be shipped".

Tools Won’t Be Shipped Audio

The Leadership Team Development group currently has 5 CD’s. One CD is coming out via standing order this week and the Leadership Team is encouraging everyone to order the other 4 CD’s plus some extras this week.

I have some additional audio that relates the the promotion of the new CD’s. You will want to tune in on Monday.

Update: The voice on the Communikate message is Emerald, Greg Franics.

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  1. The audio claims that Winters has 20,000 people and will grow to 700,000 shortly.

    This calls for an eyeroll.

    I do not have any information about pricing at this point.


    Are you sure Winters is not currently qualifying as a Double Diamond?

    BTW, that link did not lead me anywhere with information about Winters.

  2. You're not logged in as an IBO.

    I'm absolutely 100% sure he's not a qualifying Double Diamond. He may be on track to qualify soon, but at this moment, he's not DD.

    Take that to the bank.

  3. Everytime I hear a "leader" from Amquix talk, all the memories flood back into my mind from when I was in. I've been out five years now but the way they talk remains the same. It's truely a work of art. "He's first class, a front runner"… he walks on water, his feces doesn't stink, could bring peace to the middle-east. Every message is the same except for the tiny fact of information tucked in nicely with two or three minutes of how great the messenger is. I've heard it and don't it. Now it just brings a smile to my face.

    So what it the definition of "blink of an eye?" Does never qualify?

  4. I guess since Quixtar will be doing 10 Billion by 2010 someone better get to work! If there are 3 million people in Amway/Quixtar now all over the world after 46 years he really must have a Dream! It shows you how stupid they really are to say something like that!

  5. Well, it is truly fascinating how many people that are unsuccessful in life's efforts decide to complain about how they couldn't make something happen.

    As a tidbit for all of the astute & educated — it is as simple as the economics of distribution! Do you truly think that as a consumer — each & every day you aren't making someone rich (whether it be Target, Walmart or your neighborhood Mom & Pop store). Shame on you for discouraging others from making the best out of their lives — simply because you failed to do so.

    As in any business, it is what you make of it & you get what you put into it. It is not a get rich quick scam & it takes hard work. You tell me anything in American capitalism that doesn't take effort & dedication? There are Indians & there are chiefs & you wake up every morning & decide which you'd rather be … But it takes both.

    Therefore, simply take a look at your life, your job & your overall contribution to society — A good branch produces good fruit! 😉 Enough said … May you all be successful in your life endeavors & enjoy them before you are too old to do so. No harm … just telling it like it is for many of you! However, hopefully you will learn how to change your way of thinking so that you can make your way prosperous! Entrepreneurship is not made for everyone & those same people that can't focus, will work dead end jobs for 50 years won't be successful in life 'until they change the way they think!'

    So, instead of complaining — go and sow some seeds (translation: give) and reap a bountiful harvest (translation: and it will be given unto you).

    – Prosperous Business Owner

  6. Ya know so called Successful Independent Business Owner, I will gladly compare my "fruit" with yours any time.

    By the way, my name is Ty and this is my site.

    In the last 3 months I have helped 12 people earn over $1,000 a month in Network Marketing.

    What's your "fruit"?

  7. SIBO
    After my experiences in A/Q I have the right to express my opinion be it good or bad! It really makes people like you a little uncomfortable that the internet allows people to tell their story. I guess you call "Success" having your wife committ suicide, your son committ suicide, and your second wife passes away and you were not listed as her husband! That was my great upline Triple Diamond! Is that a great life?
    My life is so much better since I quit a couple of years ago after 16 years of giving !

  8. I think that in the last couple of months my life has changed tremendously. HE has given me everything and the least I can do is enlarge the KINGDOM. So if you look at life as a way to just work every day and try to get by, what is your purpose? self consumption is not the path that HE has me on. You can only give some much money and you can only give so much time. I choose to eliminate a self consumed life style through an amazing business system. Just know, even for those of you that gave for 16 years, HE gave his whole life, so compare that fruit.

  9. I don't understand what Jesus has to do with the biz. And the biz is not the only way or the best way to enlarge the kingdom. The kingdom was being enlarged for two millenia before Amway/Quixtar or the systems ever existed.

    How does this business eliminate a self-consumed lifestyle? From what I saw, it promotes it.

    And as a Christian, I find seeing Jesus' work being portrayed as so closely intertwined with the biz (so much so that I can't really tell what Jon is talking about) very disturbing, especially a biz that encourages taking time away from one's church to build it.

  10. i am thinking about getting into network marketing. someone from LTD has spoke with me. Can anyone give some feedback on this company. And how it works. thanks

  11. Christy,

    The opportunity is truly getting better everyday. Be smart, ask questions, get started. You will be better for it. LTD is truly one of the best organizations powered by Quixtar & Amway. They cover the bases on how to build this biz right. Go for it and have fun..

  12. Hi,

    I'm tired of hearing the comments about Larry Winters & LTD being so awesome that they "got permission" to start his own training system. The fact is that he was "asked to disassociate himself" – nice translation for kicked out of BWW – for alleged theft of monies from IBOs by his business manager and/or himself. The business manager is allegedly fired & blamed for it all. His loyal downline & others followed him to help him recover his reputation, play down the negativity & cover the scandal.

    Let's be informed and aware of factual information, not lies and deceit to cover real issues.

  13. Martie.

    Hey is this Martie W? Also are you talking about the fat guy with black hair who has been his friend forever? If so what a joke.

  14. Martie

    Um, how about some links to back up your so called "factual information" please? Otherwise, how do we know you are telling the truth?

    This goes for both sides of the arguement. You want to give "facts"? Give proof to back it up.

  15. Jami

    I checked into Martie's comment. It's not true. The Manager is still working there and still great friends with LW.

    Someone is full of it.

  16. Seems the average income for IBOs is ridiculously low. You will also spend a lot of money buying “training materials” and going to seminars. Chances are 99.9%of people involved with this lose money. And waste a lot of time. Just invest all that money in lottery tickets, you have a higher chance of getting rich. And you can use your spare time for something more productive and fulfilling.


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