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Liberty League wins legal battle over Internet


By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

From PR Web:

Liberty League International, LLC, a global leader in personal development and income growth opportunities, is pleased to announce successful outcomes in three legal actions. The actions included two federal lawsuits in the District of Arizona, No. 09-CV-01263-GMS (Liberty League International, LLC. v. Jennifer M. Lawlor et al.), and No. 09-CV-01261-FJM (Liberty League International, LLC. v. Tina Fields) as well as an arbitration proceeding before the National Arbitration Forum, No. FA0906001268268, in regard to the domain name libertyleague.us.

In each lawsuit, Liberty League International claimed that the defendants wrongfully infringed the trademark LIBERTY LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL by cyberstuffing trademarks into the defendant's web pages to divert traffic away from Liberty League. In the arbitration proceeding, Liberty League claimed cyber squatting for the wrongful registration of the domain name libertyleague.us with a bad faith intent to sell the domain. In both lawsuits the defendants agreed to settlement offers admitting liability and resulting in permanent injunctions against the defendants. In the arbitration, preceding a neutral arbitrator found for Liberty League ordering the domain name be transferred as requested.

In initiating and successfully completing these legal actions, Liberty League established a firm stance against cybersquatting, cyberstuffing, and trademark infringement generally. Typically, cybersquatters register Internet domain names (such as www.libertyleague.us and www.theleaguereview.com) containing not only widely recognized trademarked names and brands but also confusing variations of them. Cyberstuffers include trademarks into web pages to direct traffic away from the rightful owners of the trademarks.

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