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LifeVantage Adds Blog Post About Zrii and Then Deletes It, Read It Here


Google is a tricky little bugger.  When you publish something on your blog and then later think twice and delete it, sometimes Google decides to keep it around for a while in something called “cache”.

The post is pretty interesting because it aludes to the lawsuits, but suggests that the lawsuits might have been worth it in order to snatch the Zrii people that came over.

Here you go, courtesy, Google Cache:

“The Zrii and LifeVantage Relationship

Despite some confusion on this topic, most distributors understand the history and relationship from listening first hand to the stories from those involved. Just prior to the LifeVantage launch from retail to network marketing, a company named Zrii saw a handful of top level distributors exit the company due to a disagreement between their ethical standard and the practice of its president. The nature of this is not disclosed publicly. It wasn’t however just these distributors but , but nearly the entire corporate staff who left all at once from the same reason, leaving Zrii to pick up the pieces, it is still in business. They simply couldn’t work and stay at a company they didn’t believe in, despite their jobs or income. To me that is integrity.

When LifeVantage CEO and President (David Brown) was looking for both an office staff to help manage the new network marketing company and a set of proficient and experience field leaders, he found both in the group of then ex-Zrii people. For me it said that they left on a principle of ethics, and created a tight family and culture of the same.

The president of Zrii was pretty angry (which is understandable). He sent lawsuits out, and LifeVantage (a company 5 million per year in the hole at the time) settled the suits for the distributors and office staff. The settlement prohibited the distributors from talking to those who didn’t leave Zrii, among other things.

LifeVantage received a core group of leaders with experience and integrity to match. It was a real blessing for the young LifeVantage company to receive this family.

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