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Making More With Less In MLM


I was asked to expand on yesterday’s post about a dentist that got rid of 2/3 of his customers in order to focus on his "A" customers. (As is relates to Network Marketing)

First, let’s look at a couple of reasons why MLM’ers bug people.

1. They are too excited.

2. They try to show everyone their business.

3. They try to be someone that they are not and that freaks out the friends and relatives.

My goal in 2005 is to fine tune my business process and I have some specifics in mind that apply to my Network Marketing company’s compensation plan. Here are a few general things:

1. Only show my business to people that have a specific need that your business fills and make sure they the person understands that they have this need. Simply saying that everyone could benefit from a Network Marketing business is not good enough!

2. Work with people at their level. If a person signs up as a distributor, but looks like a customer and acts like a customer…treat them like a customer. If they decide later to build an organization or put together a retail business, help them, but don’t push anything on them.

3. Offer customers incentives.

We are launching a men’s and women’s health promotion on January 7th. This promotion will offer people incentives (free stuff) to take care of their health by regularly using nutritional supplements.

I find myself spending time trying to figure out how to motivate someone into bettering their own financial future. Wouldn’t my time (and yours) be better spent working hard to build the business of the people that are already motivated?

My theory is that if I focus on working a lot harder to help the motivated people and support the other people at the level they chose to apply themselves I will work less and make more…

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  1. Great teaching, Ty. I saw some of my mistakes here. I tend to get too excited which usually means I'm motivated more by greed than actually helping someone. I can get excited about helping people, so maybe "frantic" would be a better word for how I get when I think about exponential increase and the potential of having lots of customers and a large qroup of associates.
    I've never tried to show everyone the business but I've had the strong desire to do so. It's part of being frantic. Being selective in this industry is so important.
    When I'm frantic, I'm not myself. When I'm rational, I'm subdued. I can be intense about something without being frantic. I think "intense" more acurately describes how I feel about the opportunity direct selling/mlm provides.
    Thanks for bringing it even further down to earth. Unfortunately, I think it remains one of the most misunderstood and overlooked opportunities. This blog is shining light in dark corners.


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